Keyword Research Tools

Categories: SEO

What are the best tools for conducting keyword research? Every business owner should know what terms they want to be found for via search and the necessary steps to rank… [Read More]

Facebook on the GDN

Categories: Facebook, PPC

Why is Facebook showing as a placement in the Google Display Network? While auditing the placements in a client’s remarketing campaign, one particular placement jumped out at me: Since… [Read More]

Is Bounce Rate Bullsh*t?

Categories: PPC

What is Bounce Rate and Why is it Important? A few months ago we started working with a new client who had previously been running his own AdWords account. We… [Read More]

Why You Didn’t Land An Interview

Categories: Jobs

Why did I not get the job interview after I submitted my resume? Job hunting can be a stressful process, whether you’re a recent college grad or you’re looking for… [Read More]

Bad Reviews: What Do I Do?

Categories: SEO, SMB

This post comes to us from Michael Johnson, SEO Associate at SEOM Interactive: When it comes to deciding where to shop, consumers turn to reviews. Companies with an online presence have… [Read More]

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