SEOM Interactive Provides Professional Email Marketing ServicesOn average, people look at their phones at least 50 times a day. This means 50 unique opportunities to reach your target audience on the devices they use to get their information. Email marketing is one tool in the digital marketing toolbox that will keep you top of mind to existing customers and generate repeat business.

If you’re thinking about adding an email marketing campaign into your digital marketing strategy, SEOM Interactive can help.

Our email marketing plan is completely customizable to meet the needs of your business and the wants of your customers in an extremely targeted way. Connect with past and potential customers in your area with a personalized email, which can feature:

  • Industry news
  • Updates on the services you offer
  • Specials and promotions
  • Local projects with businesses in your target area
  • and more!

A 1-year email marketing strategy includes one email sent out each month. The emails used in your campaign are completely tailored to meet your needs. You can provide us with specific content you want to share, or we can write the content on your behalf.

We send these carefully crafted emails to your existing email database, and we can also help you grow your email list by including a newsletter sign up form on your website.

We share performance stats with you each month, including information on user engagement, lead generation, and more.

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