The People Who Get the Job Done

  • Steve Axt

    SEO Specialist

    Steve Axt

    Steve started his career in SEO in 2008, helping develop SEO strategies for both large and small businesses. He brought his skills to SEOM in 2016, enjoying the challenge of an industry that changes constantly. Steve works with clients to develop strategies to help increase their traffic, leads, and sales.

    • Loves the Flyers
    • Thinks the only way to order a cheesesteak is whiz wit
    • Enjoys Wawa hoagies
  • Thomas Bell

    Thomas Bell

    SEO Associate

    Thomas Bell

    Tom graduated from Temple University Fox School of Business in 2018 with a BBA in Marketing. A series of internships took him through many different facets of the digital marketing world before he landed in his role at SEOM, where the fun workplace culture and diverse array of clients make him feel right at home.

    • Attended his first Eagles game at the Vet at age 5… and turned out just fine. Sort of.
    • Prefers Jim’s Steaks, but believes that quality cheesesteaks exist most places in Philly that aren’t tourist traps
    • Believes in a peaceful brotherhood between Philadelphia and his home state of New Jersey
  • Angelica Burton

    Digital Marketing Associate

    Angelica Burton

    Angelica earned her Bachelor’s degree in communications from Thomas Edison State University in NJ. Prior to working at SEOM Interactive, she interned at Seer Interactive and gained experience by doing freelance work. Through that experience, Angelica developed a passion for creating both paid and organic digital strategies that deliver results.

    • Always up for trips to Philly Breweries
    • Enjoys eating Korean BBQ in Chinatown
    • Loves walking around Spruce Street Harbor Park
  • Matt Cherepanya

    Director of Business Development

    Matt Cherepanya

    Matt has several years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical products industries. Realizing he had a passion for small business and gravitated towards marketing, he joined SEOM Interactive as sales manager so that he could better help small businesses grow through search engine strategies.

    • Thinks Green Eggs has the BEST brunch in the city
    • Loves how easy and cheap it is to drive in and out of the city unlike NYC
    • Will always be loyal to my sports team: Giants, Devils, Nets and Mets (even though they all currently suck)
  • Mackenzie Cronce

    Mackenzie Cronce

    SEO Specialist

    Mackenzie Cronce

    Mackenzie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Organization and Management Studies, with a focus in Business, from Gettysburg College. While conducting research for her professors, she developed a passion for analytics which – combined with a lifelong love of the digital world – made a career in digital analytics the perfect fit. After graduating college in only three years, Mackenzie was eager to continue the fast-pace and jump right in to a full-time position at SEOM Interactive.

    • Indulging in the guacamole and ambiance at El Vez
    • Hanging out in the hammocks at Spruce Street Harbor Park
    • Stocking up on Claritin before The Philadelphia Flower Show
  • Katy Donovan

    SEO Specialist

    Katy Donovan

    Katy earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Holy Family University in English with a minor in Communications. Her prior experience in the fields of Public Relations and Marketing lead her to SEOM, where she works as an SEO Associate.

    • The culture & history of the city but wishes philly had its own beach.
    • Thinks soft pretzels & Rita’s water ice are an essential part of any diet.
    • Is in denial that Cole Hamels is no longer on the Phillies.
  • Andy Evanko

    PPC Specialist

    Andy Evanko

    Andy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Penn State University and quickly began selling marketing services, such as phone book ads, magazine ads, SEO and Paid Search. Andy developed a passion for paid search and never looked back

    • Enjoys biking and walking on the Schuylkill River Trail / Kelly Drive
    • Enjoys nice day at Frankford Hall Beer Garden
    • Loves BB&T Pavilion for Summer Concerts.
  • Jamie Ferguson

    SEO Associate

    Jamie Ferguson

    Jamie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Rutgers University — New Brunswick, where she quickly developed a passion for digital marketing. Her previous experience in the fields of Digital Marketing led her to SEOM in 2020, where she works as an SEO Associate.

    • Loves going to shows and thinks Ticketmaster fees are the bane of her existence
    • Spends a little too much time hiking the trails at Wissahickon Valley Park
    • Is probably craving a basket of cheesy tots from Tattooed Moms
  • Danielle Forte

    Danielle Forte

    PR Specialist

    Danielle Forte

    Danielle uses her public relations background to create enticing PR and marketing campaigns for our diverse group of clients and has a knack for pairing a story with the right reporter. With prior experience in the sports industry and agency settings, Danielle gets our clients noticed by the media and their audience through her tactical writing skills and creative thinking. She believes that in order to effectively create a message, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving it.

    Danielle earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Penn State University.

    • Discovered Chase Utley before he was a starter so is clearly his true number one fan.
    • Dreams about eating at every restaurant in the city at least once.
    • Is convinced you could be anywhere in the world and find a Philly connection.
  • Lauren Fries

    SEO Specialist

    Lauren Fries

    Lauren earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Temple University. Prior to working at SEOM Interactive, she gained digital marketing knowledge as an intern at Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine. During her senior year in college, she interned at SEOM Interactive and was hired full time following her graduation.

    • Visiting the rare and endangered animals at the Philadelphia Zoo
    • Strolling through the endless aisles of restaurants and bakeries at Reading Terminal Market
    • Eating Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries at Flyers Games
  • Kevin Gleason

    Kevin Gleason

    Director of SEO

    Kevin Gleason

    After university, Kevin decided to take his talents to South Korea. Lost in a sea of blogs about the lives of other Westerners in Asia, he had his first exposure to SEO and was hooked. Kevin enjoys helping clients navigate through the Google landscape and seeing positive changes in the search results.

    Kevin earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University—New Brunswick, and could destroy you with psychological power if he chooses.

    • Moved backed to Philadelphia after a brief 20+ year stint in New Jersey.
    • Insists the Sixers shameless tanking strategy will pay off in the long run.
    • Is fluent in the Korean Language (별로 조금만).
  • Devonte Grant

    Devonte Grant

    SEO Associate

    Devonte Grant

    Born & Raised in Philadelphia, Devonte is a graduate of Temple University with a BBA in Marketing. Devonte has experience applying his digital marketing skills working in higher education, arts, non profit, healthcare, and music industries, to name a few. Well rounded in SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, and Analytics, Devonte is looking to learn and grow with the team at SEOM Interactive.

    • Is a huge fan of compelling storytelling through art.
    • Is a sneakerhead (favorite sneaker is the Nike Air Force 1).
    • Believes Rustica’s in Northern Liberty is the best pizza in Philadelphia.
  • Brian Henninger

    SEO & Email Marketing Specialist

    Brian Henninger

    Brian earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication in Broadcasting, with a minor in Graphic Communications from Millersville University. While working at a web design agency, Brian developed a passion for digital marketing. As an SEO Specialist, he brings his experience for digital marketing, communications, social media and graphics/photography.

    • Visiting the TLA and the Electric Factory to see Motion City Soundtrack (he’s seen them 30 times).
    • Jim’s Steaks. Get extra Whiz.
    • Hockey. Specifically, the Philadelphia Flyers, although he’s not ashamed to admit his love for the Chicago Blackhawks, too.
  • Teeny Houdini

    O-fish-al SEOM Mascot

    Teeny Houdini

    When Teeny Houdini heard about this fin-tastic oppor-tuna-ty, he was hooked! He was schooled in SEO click bait at the University of Atlantis and has been swimming along nicely ever since. Is Teeny ready to seas the day? You Betta believe it!

    • Fishtown native
    • Favorite “wooder” ice flavor: Swedish Fish
    • Loves Chickie’s crab fries
  • Chris Impriano

    Chris Impriano

    SEO Specialist

    Chris Impriano

    Chris was a marketing major who received his Bachelor’s degree from Temple University. He worked in the imports/logistics industry before discovering the wonderful world of digital marketing. He spent much of his free time learning about the industry and volunteered at an electric company to gain experience. That passion for the industry makes him a natural fit for the team at SEOM Interactive.

    • Loves the Eagles, even though he thinks the team song is a bit cheesy
    • Will never turn down a good soft pretzel (loves him some Philly Pretzel Factory)
    • Currently on a mission to find the tastiest burger in Philly
  • Michael Johnson

    SEO Specialist

    Michael Johnson

    Michael graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design. He brings his love of numbers and analytics to the SEO team. Michael enjoys multitasking, working at a high pace, and facing new challenges.

    • Philadelphia Flyers. Especially Ivan Provorov and Sean Couturier. Looking forward to when the current prospects join the team in the next two seasons.
    • Food in Chinatown. T-Swirl Crepes and Terakawa Ramen are the go to.
    • Chickie’s and Petes crab fries
  • Lyndsie Jones

    Senior SEO Manager

    Lyndsie Jones

    Lyndsie received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. She became an intern with SEOM after her triumphant return to Pennsylvania, and was hired as a full-time SEO Specialist within a few months. Lyndsie has a passion for the fast-paced and ever changing world that is digital marketing, and enjoys engaging with clients to help them achieve results.

    • Swears Phillip’s in South Philly has the best cheesesteaks.
    • Favorite summer treat is a Rita’s gelati with mango water ice.
    • Endured criticism from Texans for saying water (wooder) properly.
  • Mark Kennedy


    Mark Kennedy

    Mark Kennedy spent seven years trading on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. After earning his MBA from La Salle University and passing his certified financial analyst exam, Mark entered the world of internet marketing. His financial background drives him to focus on his clients’ ROI. Mark throws himself into the results of each project, analyzing search engine data and assessing the impact each strategy has on our clients’ businesses.

    • Believes Randall Cunningham should be in the hall of fame, at least as a punter.
    • Understands that scrapple is an acquired taste.
    • Is a closet Jersey Shore fanatic
  • Jo King

    Jo King

    SEO Associate

    Jo King

    Jo earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Temple University. She first discovered digital marketing in a speaker session for Temple’s AMA chapter and quickly developed a passion for the field. After interning abroad twice in college, she decided to take her skills back to Philly and became an SEO Associate at SEOM Interactive.

    • Is currently on a mission to visit all of the Philadelphia area gardens for general hiking, picnic-ing, and (finally) getting out of her apartment
    • Loves cheering on Temple’s Diamond Marching Band (oh, and the football team) from the stands at the Linc
    • Loves just walking through Philadelphia’s amazing neighborhoods looking for any and all snacks to eat along the way
  • Alexandra McGinn

    Alexandra McGinn

    Social Media Specialist

    Alexandra McGinn

    Alexandra earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Editing, Writing and Media from Florida State University in 2017. She worked full time for the university’s student union for two years and led all marketing efforts as the union underwent a large-scale renovation. Fun fact: Alexandra is also a retired audio engineer after working for Club Downunder in Tallahassee, FL.

    She now works with SEOM as a Social Media Specialist, helping clients with paid and organic campaigns to strategically accomplish their goals.

    • In the honeymoon period with seasons after living in Florida for 20 years
    • Always trying new food in and around the city
    • Accepts condolences for being a Mets fan
  • Matt Mitchell

    SEO Specialist

    Matt Mitchell

    Matt earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing after switching majors several times (four to be precise, but who’s counting?). After recognizing his passion for the internet, he joined SEOM as an intern, where his eyes were opened to all of the different aspects of digital marketing. After a few short months supporting various departments, he became a full-time team member, with a serious passion for learning all things SEO.

    • Is a North Jersey native experiencing Philly culture
    • Finally understands that NJ’s “Philly Cheesesteaks” are NOT Philly cheesesteaks
    • Believes the I-95 road work will never end
  • Janine Monico

    Vice President

    Janine Monico

    Janine joined SEOM in 2010 as Mark’s very first hire. She currently leads the PPC department, spending her days developing digital strategies that impact the bottom line. From keyword research to ad writing, landing page development and PLA setups, Janine is a true PPC geek.

    Previously, Janine worked as a writer and project manager at a website design agency, where she developed an affinity for all things interactive.

    • Is obsessed with the Philadelphia Flyers, despite the fact that they disappoint her year after year.
    • Will take Steve’s Steaks over Pat’s or Geno’s any day.
    • Thinks that NJ is a waste of a state, and that Philly should legally adopt South Jersey as its beach suburb.
  • Krista Mosco

    SEO Specialist

    Krista Mosco

    Krista earned her Bachelor’s degree from Cabrini University where she studied Marketing and Graphic Design. After working as an intern at SEOM Interactive, she developed an interest for digital marketing and was soon hired as a full-time Digital Marketing Associate. Krista enjoys being in the mix of the fast-paced, high energy work environment!

    • Enjoys visiting Spruce Street Harbor on summer nights.
    • Has been to the Philadelphia Art Museum at least 8 times.
    • Refuses to drive in the city, but is always willing to go along for the ride.
  • Debbie Mozitis

    Proprietor of Paychecks

    Debbie Mozitis

    With a background in finance and tax accounting, Debbie is the perfect fit to handle all of SEOM’s financial needs. Ranging from benefits to salary and taxes, Debbie’s day is never the same. With her trusty calculator by her side, Debbie can be counted upon to answer our tricky tax questions at a moment’s notice. She also supports our SEO efforts in any way she can.

    • Believes Northeast Philadelphia should be considered its own suburb
    • Stops at the Pretzel Factory every Sunday before Eagles games
    • Lives exactly 99.9 miles from Ocean City, NJ
  • Kassadie Nieto

    Social Media Associate

    Kassadie Nieto

    Kassadie joined SEOM Interactive as a social media intern before being promoted to Social Media Associate. She is excited by the ever-changing nature of social media and the opportunity to use her passions for design and writing to help clients grow their audiences.

    She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Florida State University. During her time at FSU, she worked for the university’s event planning board, as both a PR & Marketing Assistant and Talent Buyer.

    • Currently working remotely from Tallahassee, FL
    • Has been to Philly only once, where the Institute of Contemporary Art was the highlight of the trip
    • Taking advantage of the year-round Florida heat by maintaining a veggie and herb garden (tomatoes, eggplant, kale, and more!)
  • Victoria Petrucha

    SEO Specialist

    Victoria Petrucha

    Victoria brings 5 years of SEO experience to SEOM joining the team in 2020. After interning with the Philadelphia Flyers and CBS Radio while at Rowan University, she knew the marketing industry was for her. As a former athlete and sports enthusiast, she loves using her competitiveness for clients to outrank their competitors and showcase positive results.

    • Big fan of riding the mechanical bull at Xfinity Live after a couple of drinks
    • Prefers Jim’s Steaks over Pat’s and Geno’s
    • Was born and raised in Central Jersey and can confirm that yes, it does exist
  • Melanie Rickus

    Director of PR

    Melanie Rickus

    After working in communications and event planning, Melanie decided to focus fully on public relations. Using her communications background, Melanie develops plans for building relationships between our clients and their audiences. Melanie is passionate about writing and researching ways to gain media attention through press releases, pitches, and blog posts.

    Melanie earned her Bachelor’s degree from University of Pittsburgh in Communication and her Master’s degree in Professional & Business Communication from La Salle University. Connect on LinkedIn.

    • Wore Philly sports gear around Pittsburgh for four years with much pride and no fear.
    • Admits that soft pretzels are the bane of her existence.
    • Wrote a children’s book and is patiently waiting for her big break from the publishing world.
  • Justin Russell

    SEO Specialist

    Justin Russell

    Justin is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University with a double degree in Digital Media Studies and English with a minor in Advertising. He has been building websites since high school and loves to help clients make their business’ web presence an extension of their personality and character traits.

    • Has been a process truster since before it was cool.
    • Loves to park on the Art Museum steps in the middle of winter.
    • Was briefly the official Wells Fargo Center tour guide.
  • Melissa Saunders

    Melissa Saunders

    Office Manager

    Melissa Saunders

    After 2 years of being a stay-at-home mom, she decided to get back into the workforce. With over 10 years holding positions as an administrative and executive assistant, she effortlessly helps to manage Mark’s busy calendar.  In addition to her extensive duties on all administrative tasks, she is also responsible for staff events, spirit days, and holiday parties.  Melissa takes a great interest in creating a positive and healthy culture for the employees and for the company as a whole.

    From her education in Political Science and Gender Studies and as a make-up artist, she has a wide range of interest and talent.

    • Living in the Philly area for 9 years, she still considers herself a Jersey Girl.
    • Patiently waiting to run into Bradley Cooper.
    • Loves pumping her own gas.
  • Ian Simmons

    Social Media Manager

    Ian Simmons

    Ian earned his Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Rowan University’s College of Communications & Creative Arts.  He worked as Creative Director for his university’s AAF team and also gained experience in digital marketing as a social media intern.

    At SEOM, he works as Social Media Manager, specializing in paid advertising strategies and leveraging various targeting methods to meet our clients’ goals.

    • Loves to occupy the Street Fighter 2 cabinet at Barcade.
    • Heffe Tacos in Fishtown is his first choice for burritos (the Fat Man is always a favorite)
    • Big fan of all the venues in the city and spends a decent amount of time attending shows
  • Nicole Soll

    Nicole Soll

    SEO Specialist

    Nicole Soll

    After working as the web intern at Philadelphia Magazine and for the Philly marketing agency i-g Creative, Nicole discovered a passion for digital marketing and SEO. She is excited to bring her writing and web skills to support the SEO staff at SEOM Interactive.
    Nicole earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Temple University. Connect on LinkedIn.

    • Phillies games (goes every year on her birthday).
    • Exploring Passyunk Ave.
    • Wawa hoagies.
  • Robert Spinrad

    Robert Spinrad

    SEO Specialist

    Robert Spinrad

    Robert earned his Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Production from Temple University’s School of Media and Communication. As an SEO Specialist, he brings his professional experience in communications, social media and creative writing. Connect on LinkedIn.

    • Finds something new to love about the city, no matter how many times he explores it.
    • Thinks that Pizzeria Stella has the best pizza in Philadelphia.
    • In The Process We Trust.
  • Anna Taglialatela

    PPC Specialist

    Anna Taglialatela

    A recent graduate of Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, Anna earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media Engagement. Anna’s internships and coursework exposed her to digital advertising, and after enrolling in a course focused specifically on paid search, she immediately wanted to develop her skills. With her communications background, Anna supports the PPC department by writing ads, conducting keyword research, and staying up-to-date on industry trends.

    • Lives for $1 Taco Night at Loco Pez
    • Served as a Tour Guide for Lincoln Financial Field, home of The Philadelphia Eagles
    • Is a Process Truster
  • Jessica Young

    Jessica Young

    SEO Associate

    Jessica Young

    Jessica started at SEOM as an intern, and she was quickly captivated by SEO and the company culture. She joined the team full time a few months later. Jessica enjoys working with clients to make their websites their own and boost their rankings.

    • She loves the reptile house at the Philadelphia Zoo
    • Stargazy’s pies changed her life
    • Her favorite Philly area haunted attraction is Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Lauren Zumpano

    Vice President

    Lauren Zumpano

    After rocking the Public Relations world, Lauren turned her focus to search engine optimization and digital marketing. Leveraging her communications background, Lauren takes traditional media principles and applies them to today’s search strategies, in addition to overseeing the SEO team & PR department. Along with Janine, Lauren helps to ensure the day-to-day operations at SEOM run as efficiently as possible and she is thrilled to see the continued growth of the company from three people to a full-service digital marketing agency.

    Lauren earned her Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications from Temple University.

    • Avid sports radio listener & diehard Philly sports fan
    • Loves exploring her Fishtown neighborhood
    • Thinks scrapple is gross; after all, who wants to eat a food with the words “scrap” and “crap” in it?!