The People Who Get the Job Done

  • Steve Axt

    Steve Axt

    Senior SEO Manager

    Steve Axt

    Steve’s career in digital marketing began way back in 2008 when he was helping develop SEO strategies for both large and small businesses. He brought his skills to SEOM Interactive in 2016 and is now one of our SEO Managers. When it comes to his work, Steve enjoys the on-site aspects of SEO, such as correcting technical issues and keyword research.

    The company has grown quite a bit since Steve joined our team, but what he loves most about working at SEOM remains the same, “the great work environment where everyone goes out of their way to help each other succeed.” Outside of work you can find Steve watching the Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies, or grilling up something delicious. 

    Steve graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a B.S. in Digital Communications.

    • Loves the Flyers
    • Thinks the only way to order a cheesesteak is whiz wit
    • Enjoys Wawa hoagies
  • Melissa Saunders

    Melissa Bazo

    Office Manager

    Melissa Bazo

    Melissa has always been the “go-to” person for her friends and family. When you combine that trait with her previous experience as an Administrative and Executive Assistant, you can see why she was a natural fit for the Office Manager position at SEOM Interactive. Melissa has no typical day as she’s responsible for various tasks, including scheduling meetings, learning sessions, travel arrangements, and company outings. She takes pride in creating an enjoyable and productive work environment for the SEOM team and says, “I love the company’s emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Mark is very understanding of having a family and personal life outside of work.”

    Outside of work, Melissa spends time with her daughter doing everything from arts and crafts to taking bike rides through Falls Township Community Park. She also dedicates time to fitness and spends her free time at the gym, where she uses music to zone out as she attempts to break personal records and improve her cardio.

    Melissa earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Gender Studies from William Paterson University.

    • Living in the Philly area for 13 years, she still considers herself a Jersey Girl.
    • Patiently waiting to run into Bradley Cooper.
    • Loves pumping her own gas.
  • Rachel Bromberg

    SEO Associate

    Rachel Bromberg

    With a Media Studies and Production Masters degree from Temple University, Rachel Bromberg stands out as a positive, creative, and compassionate individual. Immersed in Philadelphia’s vibrant music, fashion, and fitness scene, Bromberg continuously cultivates her skills and explores new styles and sounds through her media expertise and hobbies. This experience led her to join SEOM in 2024 as an SEO Associate.

    Outside of work, you can catch Rachel tapping into her creative side by creating content for her personal pages and attending live music events. Don’t be surprised to see her asking people questions on the street or hiding in a nook in a new coffee shop.


    • Catch her at the ‘pay what you wish” Friday’s at the Art Museum
    • Has an archive of restaurants, coffee shops, and secret spots in Philadelphia
    • Yes, she will happily style you and go through your closet 🙂
  • Joyce Chen

    SEO Associate

    Joyce Chen

    Joyce became deeply interested in advertising during her four years at Temple University. Her involvement in extracurriculars, internships, and scholarship programs within the communication industry pushed her to seek genuine relationships through the people she interacts with.

    Joyce became an SEO Associate in May 2024 after being a social media, email marketing, and SEO intern for seven months. Joyce loves how close and helpful everyone is at SEOM Interactive. She’s looking forward to strengthening her SEO skills as she grows in her professional life. During her free time, Joyce loves strolling around parks, cooking up different types of cuisine, and painting whatever inspires her.

    Joyce earned a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising with a concentration in Brand Strategy and Research from Temple University.

    • Grew up in South Philly for a majority of her life.
    • Thinks Mighty Bread has the best brunch dishes because their quality is impeccable and they’re not too expensive
    • Enjoys a night out with friends in the city and having a picnic when the weather is nice.
  • Adrian Campbell

    SEO Associate

    Adrian Campbell

    Adrian was passionate about marketing before it became digital marketing in the late 2000’s. After working in the finance sector, Adrian started finding ways to get back to his passion for marketing with the rise of digital marketing.

    He got his start doing social media and e-commerce marketing for close friends and family, which led him to the SEO side of marketing in 2021. Adrian enjoys the investigative aspect of SEO, finding the best experience for customers, and getting results for clients.

    When he’s not doing SEO you can find Adrian enjoying a trip to an island, watching a Chelsea football club match, or catching up on various YouTube podcasts.

    • Thinks Philadelphia sporting events are the most exciting to attend, for better or worse.
    • Believes Delaware River Waterfront for walks is highly underrated.
    • Will avoid the South Philly area by any means the next time Beyoncé has a concert there!
  • Brittany Deitch

    Digital Marketing Associate

    Brittany Deitch

    Brittany Deitch is a Philadelphia-based writer & journalist who runs an independent music press and freelances for Paste Magazine. She has various published creative works/essays online. She likes reading and talking, and the rain. As an entry to digital marketing, she started her own Philadelphia music publication called Ratpie Friends. In this process, she decided that she should add a digital marketing minor to her degree at Temple University. She graduated in May 2023.

    Before joining SEOM, she interned at Warner Music Group as a Global Marketing Intern and Paste Magazine as a Social Media/Music Writing Intern. She’s excited to bring her heart and creative spirit to the Social and Email Marketing teams!

    • Garners community and friendship within the music scene and spends her time going to shows. Her favorite venue is Union Transfer.
    • Is aching to move to west so she can have a porch to sit on with her friends
    • Lives in La Colombe Coffee Roasters like it’s her own home
  • Katy Donovan

    SEO Specialist

    Katy Donovan

    Katy’s prior experience in Public Relations and Marketing led her to a career in SEO, and she’s been with SEOM Interactive since 2016. As an SEO Specialist, Katy gets to apply her analytical and creative skills to her SEO strategies. She loves SEO work because she feels as though she “gets to play a role in a small business’ success.”

    Katy loves the collaborative environment and the work-life balance that SEOM Interactive offers to its employees. When she unplugs, you will often find her reading, taking classes at her local Barre3 studio, or doing something outdoors like taking a walk, kayaking, or fishing.

    Katy earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Holy Family University in English with a minor in Communications.

    • The culture & history of the city but wishes philly had its own beach.
    • Thinks soft pretzels & Rita’s water ice are an essential part of any diet.
    • Is in denial that Cole Hamels is no longer on the Phillies.
  • Krista Doyle

    Senior SEO Manager

    Krista Doyle

    After getting her start at SEOM Interactive as an intern, Krista joined the team full-time in 2017 and is now one of our SEO Managers. She thrives on being in the mix of the fast-paced, high-energy work environment. Krista loves the challenges that come with working in the SEO world, specifically the need for continuing education. “Algorithms and techniques are constantly changing and it keeps you on your toes!”

    Aside from being an SEO rockstar, Krista also heads our community service efforts at SEOM. She says, “I have always been passionate about helping people and organizations throughout my community. Not only does community service give me the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world, but it also spreads kindness, and hope, and brings people together.” Learn more about our community service efforts. 

    The healthy work/life balance that SEOM encourages is something that Krista loves most about working here. She says, “At SEOM, you’re more than just an employee; it’s like one big family! Everyone is supportive of one another and pushes you to be the best that you can be.” When she’s not making waves for her clients, you can find Krista crafting, reading, going to the beach, and spending time with her friends, family, and dog! 

    Krista earned her Bachelor’s degree from Cabrini University where she studied Marketing and Graphic Design.

    • Enjoys visiting Spruce Street Harbor on summer nights.
    • Has been to the Philadelphia Art Museum at least 8 times.
    • Refuses to drive in the city, but is always willing to go along for the ride.
  • Jamie Ferguson

    Senior SEO Associate

    Jamie Ferguson

    Jamie developed a passion for digital marketing while in college. That passion led her to join the SEOM team in 2020 as an SEO Associate, and her dedication to her clients and education resulted in a promotion to Senior SEO Associate in 2022. SEO is constantly evolving and Jamie likes the challenge of having to continuously learn industry best practices and how to best suit her clients’ needs.

    SEOM Interactive prides itself on not only producing high-quality work for our clients but also on the company culture and work-life balance that our employees love. Jamie says, “What I love about SEOM is the work-life balance it offers and the supportive work environment. Everyone on the team is so friendly and always willing to help out one another.” When Jamie steps away from her desk, you can find her at a concert, reading a book, traveling, hiking, or snowboarding.

    Jamie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

    • Loves going to shows and thinks Ticketmaster fees are the bane of her existence
    • Spends a little too much time hiking the trails at Wissahickon Valley Park
    • Is probably craving a basket of cheesy tots from Tattooed Moms
  • Danielle Forte

    Danielle Forte

    Director of Content & PR

    Danielle Forte

    Danielle uses her public relations skills to produce fresh content and create enticing PR and marketing campaigns for our diverse group of clients. Whether she’s writing an on-site blog, updating a client’s website copy, or pitching a story to the media, Danielle gets our clients noticed by their audiences through her tactical writing skills and creative thinking. She believes that in order to effectively create a message, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving it.

    Danielle has been with us since 2015 and loves the work-life balance that SEOM offers. Outside of work, you can find her at a concert (probably Jonas Brothers because Joe), on a beach, reading, or reading on the beach. 

    Danielle earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Penn State University.

    • Discovered Chase Utley before he was a starter so is clearly his true number one fan.
    • Dreams about eating at every restaurant in the city at least once.
    • Is convinced you could be anywhere in the world and find a Philly connection.
  • Kristin Frederick

    Senior SEO Associate

    Kristin Frederick

    Kristin’s interest in SEO developed after she took a few digital marketing classes in college. And after some time as an intern at SEOM, she decided that she wanted to pursue it as a career. Lucky for us, she joined our team full-time as an SEO Associate. Kristin attributes her decision to stay with us post-internship to the helpful team and awesome company culture.

    Kristin earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management & Leadership from La Salle University. Outside of work, you can find her working out at a spin class, relaxing on the beach, cheering on a Philadelphia sports team, or reading.

    • Loves going to Phillies games in the summer.
    • Loves concerts at Lincoln Financial Field, especially Taylor Swift concerts.
    • Other than Philadelphia, my favorite place to be is down the shore in Sea Isle City.
  • Lauren Friedman

    Senior SEO Manager

    Lauren Friedman

    Lauren joined SEOM as an intern in 2016 and was hired full-time as an SEO Associate following her graduation from Temple University the following year. Lauren’s passion for implementing strategies to help her clients succeed was evident early on, as she was promoted to SEO Specialist and then to Senior SEO Manager in 2022. Lauren enjoys the fact that the SEO industry is always evolving, and that she needs to continuously adapt to changes within the industry in order to better serve her clients. She also loves the innovative and collaborative environment that SEOM provides.

    When she’s not at work, you’ll find Lauren at a local park, relaxing by her garden, or planning her next trip. Lauren loves to travel and usually plans trips around long holiday weekends.

    • Visiting the rare and endangered animals at the Philadelphia Zoo
    • Strolling through the endless aisles of restaurants and bakeries at Reading Terminal Market
    • Eating Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries at Flyers Games
  • Masina Garonzik

    SEO Associate

    Masina Garonzik

    Masina started her SEO journey in her freshman year of college when interning at an entertainment sports media publication, reporting on esports and video game news and optimizing content with SEO principles. Masina continued her SEO path at a digital advertising agency as an SEO Intern while finishing her last year at Temple University. After she graduated, she joined the SEOM team full-time.

    Masina loves the inclusive and supportive culture that SEOM provides, as well as the encouragement and learning opportunities that allow the team to be informed of new digital marketing strategies. Outside of work, Masina enjoys dissecting a good movie, playing video games on the PC she built, and creating fantasy worldbuilding for either Dungeons and Dragons or some writing projects.

    Masina earned her bachelor’s degree in Advertising with a minor in Screen Studies from Temple University.

    • Has not tasted a better cheesesteak and fries than from Steve’s Prince of Steaks.
    • Loves walking around Old City to take in the historical buildings as a history buff.
    • Will always make an excuse to head to Chestnut Street in Center City to buy books at Barnes and Noble.
  • Rachael Greene

    Rachael Greene

    Senior PPC Associate

    Rachael Greene

    Rachael earned her Bachelor’s degree in public relations from Temple University, with a minor in digital media engagement. After participating in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, she developed a passion for paid search strategies. As a member of the PPC department, Rachael helps develop paid search campaigns by conducting keyword research, writing ad copy, and analyzing data.

    • Tailgates at every Temple football game even at 9 a.m.
    • Believes Chubby’s has the best cheesesteaks because there are no tourists.
    • Is always down for a walk down Broad Street after an Eagles Super Bowl win.
  • Clara Hao

    SEO Associate

    Clara Hao

    Prior to joining SEOM Interactive, Clara spent time in the social media marketing space working with e-commerce brands and non-profit organizations, and dabbled in freelance graphic design.

    Outside of work, you can find Clara browsing for her next obsession at the local comic book store, or trying to complete her neverending list of video games.

    Clara graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Animation.

    • Loves exploring the city and adding third spaces to her list.
    • Thinks e-scooter is the best way to get places in Philly.
    • Is on a mission to find the best pho in the city.
  • Noah Horas

    Noah Horas

    Senior SEO Associate

    Noah Horas

    Through various internships, Noah discovered his love for digital marketing and hasn’t looked back since. Noah joined SEOM Interactive as an SEO Associate in May 2021 and now spends his time creating new website pages, reviewing analytics to determine the next steps, and monitoring the status of client websites through various SEO tools. He says that “SEO is an ever-changing field” and he learns new ways to optimize every day.

    Outside of work you can find Noah enjoying downtime with his girlfriend, playing golf, hanging with friends, and exploring new spots and restaurants in Philadelphia (Pizzeria Stella is his favorite!).

    Noah earned his bachelor’s degree in advertising from Temple University.

    • Feels bad that not everyone gets to experience the wonders of water ice.
    • Found his love for Philly sports in college, despite growing up in the area.
    • Enjoys jogging on the Schuylkill in the evening.
  • Teeny Houdini

    O-fish-al SEOM Mascot

    Teeny Houdini

    When Teeny Houdini heard about this fin-tastic oppor-tuna-ty, he was hooked! He was schooled in SEO click bait at the University of Atlantis and has been swimming along nicely ever since. Is Teeny ready to seas the day? You Betta believe it!

    • Fishtown native
    • Favorite “wooder” ice flavor: Swedish Fish
    • Loves Chickie’s crab fries
  • Ryan Hunkins

    Senior PPC Specialist

    Ryan Hunkins

    Ryan’s interest in paid search developed in college where he took a digital marketing strategies course. After graduation, he joined our PPC team, managing paid strategies across Google, Bing, and Amazon for a variety of clients. Ryan loves working in paid search because “the job is just as much about being creative as it is being analytical.” He also finds it rewarding when his creative and analytical skills result in a successful strategy for a client.

    When asked why Ryan loves working at SEOM Interactive, trust was the word he used. He says, “SEOM is a great place to work because there is a strong level of trust in the employees. We are also trusted by our clients, which gives us the freedom to test new strategies.” Ryan loves the great outdoors and traveling, so when he’s not managing paid search budgets or crafting the perfect ad copy, he’s probably hiking a new trail or planning his next trip. And when he’s not hitting the trails or visiting a new locale, he’s exploring new bars or restaurants or bowling with his best friends in a Wednesday night bowling league. For those wondering, he once bowled a 267.

    Ryan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Rutger’s University – Camden.

    • Believes Philly has, by far, the best fan-base in sports.
    • Enjoys all the local breweries that Philly has to offer.
    • Loves Insomnia Cookie, because who doesn’t want cookies at 2 in the morning?
  • Chris Impriano

    Chris Impriano

    Senior SEO Manager

    Chris Impriano

    While working in the imports and logistics industry, Chris spent much of his free time learning about digital marketing. Eventually, he volunteered at an electrical company where he was able to put his knowledge to use and gain hands-on experience. His passion for the industry made him a natural fit for SEOM Interactive, where he’s been since 2017. To this day, Chris enjoys SEO work because it “never gets stale because the industry is always evolving.”

    Chris loves the support the employees at SEOM receive from upper management. “Not only do they make sure we are comfortable and have the right tools, but they constantly introduce new challenges so that we grow as marketing professionals.” Outside of work, you will likely find Chris in the gym, going for a walk, or playing chess.

    Chris earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Temple University.

    • Loves the Eagles, even though he thinks the team song is a bit cheesy
    • Will never turn down a good soft pretzel (loves him some Philly Pretzel Factory)
    • Currently on a mission to find the tastiest burger in Philly
  • Lyndsie Jones

    Director of SEO

    Lyndsie Jones

    Lyndsie has spent more than 8 years with the agency, beginning as an SEO intern and leaping through the ranks. Her technical skillset and people skills combine to create a powerhouse SEO pro who excels at managing both clients and team members. Her passion for the industry and the agency helped pave her path to leadership positions at SEOM. As Director of SEO, Lyndsie will continue managing her own clients while spearheading the SEO department and contributing to the agency’s overall strategic goals as a member of the leadership team. 

    While the SEO world has gone through many major algorithm updates since 2014, one thing has remained the same and that’s the fact that Lyndsie feels valued at SEOM. “I’ve worked in many places that didn’t value their employees. The management style and benefits we receive here show how much SEOM cares about its employees.” When Lyndsie is away from her desk you can find her hiking, traveling, checking out new breweries, and gardening. You can follow her gardening adventures on Instagram @gardenofvera.

    Lyndsie received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston.

    • Swears Phillip’s in South Philly has the best cheesesteaks.
    • Favorite summer treat is a Rita’s gelati with mango water ice.
    • Endured criticism from Texans for saying water (wooder) properly.
  • Mark Kennedy


    Mark Kennedy

    Mark Kennedy spent seven years trading on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. After earning his MBA from La Salle University and passing his certified financial analyst exam, Mark entered the world of internet marketing. His financial background drives him to focus on his clients’ ROI. Mark throws himself into the results of each project, analyzing search engine data and assessing the impact each strategy has on our clients’ businesses.

    • Believes Randall Cunningham should be in the hall of fame, at least as a punter.
    • Understands that scrapple is an acquired taste.
    • Is a closet Jersey Shore fanatic
  • Alexandra McGinn

    Director of Operations

    Alexandra McGinn

    Before joining SEOM, Alexandra worked full-time for Florida State University’s student union, leading all marketing efforts as the organization underwent a large-scale renovation. After two years there, Alexandra moved up North to Philadelphia and started working in social media with SEOM. After three years in the social media department, she switched gears and became our Director of Operations. 

    While there’s a lot to love about working at SEOM, Alexandra was able to nail down two things in particular: the culture and the people. “We’re a tightly run ship, and we work hard, but we’re also given flexibility. It’s evident that we’re cared for in more ways than just our productivity.” Outside of work, you can find Alexandra cooking, crafting, or taking a class at Butcher’s Sew Shop in Philly. She also likes to knit, crochet, and use a hot glue gun, saying, “if there’s a section for it in Michael’s, chances are it’s something I enjoy.” See what she’s sewing on Instagram

    Alexandra earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Editing, Writing, and Media from Florida State University.

    • In the honeymoon period with seasons after living in Florida for 20 years
    • Typically found at Citizens Bank Park
    • Accepts condolences for being a Mets fan
  • Jahquan McIntosh

    SEO Specialist

    Jahquan McIntosh

    Jahquan joined SEOM in 2024 as an SEO Specialist, bringing with him client experience and a passion for digital marketing. Early in Jahquan’s SEO career, he discovered a desire to learn as much about the field as possible. He continues to take advantage of opportunities that grow his knowledge and experience.

    As an SEO Specialist, Jahquan works to gain an understanding of what makes each client special, and uses that knowledge to develop effective strategies.

    Outside of work, you can find him playing basketball with friends, catching up on TV shows, and spending time with family and friends.

    Jahquan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business, with a focus in Marketing and Management, from Penn State University.

    • Is a Phillies fan.
    • Attended his first NBA game in Philadelphia 76ers vs. Cavaliers.
    • Philadelphia is his favorite major city on the East Coast.
  • Matt Mitchell

    SEO Manager

    Matt Mitchell

    Matt began his SEO career with SEOM Interactive as an intern. During his internship, he learned the ins and outs of SEO and quickly developed a serious passion for all things digital marketing.

    As an SEO Specialist, Matt likes to look at the bigger picture regarding his clients’ goals. He says, “In a world of instant gratification, long-term goals, and the journey you take to reach them, often get lost.” Aside from seeing his clients’ success first-hand, the company culture and unwavering support of colleagues at SEOM have created an ideal workplace environment for Matt.

    Outside of work, you can find Matt spending time with his wife and two dogs, playing guitar, or getting lost down a rabbit hole of Wikipedia articles; everyone’s been there before!

    Matt earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Montclair State University.

    • Is a North Jersey native experiencing Philly culture
    • Finally understands that NJ’s “Philly Cheesesteaks” are NOT Philly cheesesteaks
    • Believes the I-95 road work will never end
  • Janine Monico

    Vice President

    Janine Monico

    Janine joined SEOM in 2010 as Mark’s first hire. She leads the PPC team, managing her own clients while supporting the team’s digital strategies and development. Janine focuses on making SEOM a place where digital marketers feel supported in growing their skillsets in this fast-paced industry.

    Previously, Janine worked as a writer and project manager at a website design agency, where she developed an affinity for all things interactive. She found her passion for PPC when she discovered the strategic combination of keywords and copywriting could change the life of a small business owner.

    When she’s not working, you’ll find Janine carting her kids to hockey or dance class, or singing at the top of her lungs while riding her recumbent bike to pop punk rides on the Peloton app.

    • Is obsessed with the Philadelphia Flyers, despite the fact that they disappoint her year after year.
    • Will take Steve’s Steaks over Pat’s or Geno’s any day.
    • Thinks that NJ is a waste of a state, and that Philly should legally adopt South Jersey as its beach suburb.
  • Heath Morrison

    Heath Morrison

    SEO Associate

    Heath Morrison

    Heath earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University in Virginia, where he enjoyed classes that revolved around digital marketing and SEO, especially when they involved data analysis and data visualization. This interest in digital marketing led Heath to a post-grad internship at SEOM, where he fell in love with the company culture and the emphasis on continued learning. Heath was hired full time following the completion of his internship.
    • Is a hardcore Sixers and Eagles fan who yells at the TV as if the players can hear him
    • Enjoys hiking in Ridley Creek State Park and visiting other natural attractions in his area
    • Is a diehard Wawa customer, and has even bought merch from their website
  • Jackson Moyer

    SEO Associate

    Jackson Moyer

    Jackson brings their background in graphic design and illustration to SEOM. They joined the team as an intern in the fall of 2023, and after falling in love with the company, was hired full-time as an SEO Associate.

    Jackson enjoys the collaboration between departments at SEOM. With a keen attention to detail and a love for making processes more efficient, they love the fact that they can be an important part of a larger whole at the company.

    In their free time, you can find Jackson in the gym, playing nerdy tabletop games, or creating artwork for loved ones.

    • Loves riding Septa and thinks public transport is vastly superior to sitting in traffic
    • Loves the diversity of people you encounter in the city, as opposed to living in the country
    • Has never eaten at any food spot in the city
  • Debbie Mozitis

    Proprietor of Paychecks

    Debbie Mozitis

    With a background in finance and tax accounting, Debbie is the perfect fit to handle all of SEOM’s financial needs. Ranging from benefits to salary and taxes, Debbie’s day is never the same. With her trusty calculator by her side, Debbie can be counted upon to answer our tricky tax questions at a moment’s notice. She also supports our SEO efforts in any way she can.

    • Believes Northeast Philadelphia should be considered its own suburb
    • Stops at the Pretzel Factory every Sunday before Eagles games
    • Lives exactly 99.9 miles from Ocean City, NJ
  • Kassadie Nieto

    Social Media & Design Manager

    Kassadie Nieto

    Kassadie joined SEOM Interactive as a social media intern before being promoted to Social Media Associate. She is excited by the ever-changing nature of social media and the opportunity to use her passions for design and writing to help clients grow their audiences.

    She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Florida State University. During her time at FSU, she worked for the university’s event planning board, as both a PR & Marketing Assistant and Talent Buyer.

    • Currently working remotely from Tallahassee, FL
    • Has been to Philly only once, where the Institute of Contemporary Art was the highlight of the trip
    • Taking advantage of the year-round Florida heat by maintaining a veggie and herb garden (tomatoes, eggplant, kale, and more!)
  • Pete Ohnigian

    Senior SEO Associate

    Pete Ohnigian

    Before joining our team as an SEO Associate, Pete developed an interest in digital marketing during his various internships in social media marketing, SEO, and account management. He learned how to apply keyword research to organic search and email marketing strategies and realized SEO was his favorite part of the job. We’re happy to have him on our team!

    Pete earned his bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Temple University. Outside of work, you can find Pete enjoying outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping. He also enjoys playing video games, following the Philly sports teams, and exploring the city.

    • “Go Birds and Trust the Process!”
    • Thinks Geno’s and Pat’s are tourist traps and Dalessandro’s is overrated, and believes the best cheesesteaks are at Steve’s or Joe’s in the Northeast.
    • Loves the view of the Schuylkill River from the gazebo behind the Art Museum.
  • Eric O’Neill

    SEO Associate

    Eric O’Neill

    Eric began his career in digital marketing working alongside the PayPal client team where he built upon his Project Management skills while also sharpening his skills in data analytics and client management. Eric is interested in helping small businesses use their money wisely and expanding their digital presence.

    Outside of work, you can find Eric playing drums around the city with different musical acts, watching the Sixers or Manchester United, and hanging with his two cats Bug and Ruthie.

    Eric graduated from Temple University with his Bachelor’s degree in advertising.

    • Thinks Fu Wah’s Char Grilled Pork Banh Mi is the most underrated sandwich in Philly
    • Was in attendance at the CBP for 2022’s ‘Bedlam at the Bank’ NLCS game
    • Has worked at 2 different restaurants in Philly: Pizza Brain (the world’s largest collection of pizza memorabilia) and Han Dynasty
  • Sophie Pancoast

    SEO Associate

    Sophie Pancoast

    Sophie joined the team full-time as an SEO Associate in the fall of 2022 shortly after her internship. She discovered her love for the fast-paced and strategic landscape that marketing offers after taking a few college courses and connecting with others in the industry.

    Sophie loves the collaborative nature of the SEOM team where everyone is always assisting with obstacles or lending new information. Outside of work, you can find Sophie visiting the farmer’s market, refining her photography skills, or spending time with her dog, Willow.

    Sophie earned her Bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Media Studies and Production with a focus on Business and Entrepreneurship.

    • Believes Angelo’s Pizzeria in South Philly has the best cheesesteaks AND pizza
    • Loves visiting the different breweries and wine bars that Philly has to offer 
    • Will never pass up an opportunity to see live music at The Mann Center’s Skyline Stage
  • Victoria Petrucha

    SEO Manager

    Victoria Petrucha

    Victoria joined SEOM Interactive in 2020, bringing 5 years of SEO experience along with her. Victoria spent time as a marketing intern with the Philadelphia Flyers and CBS Radio and quickly learned that the marketing industry was where she wanted to be. When asked what she loves most about SEO work, she said, “I like how you have the opportunity to get creative and truly make a difference for clients. Putting together a strategy and seeing the client have success is a rewarding experience.”

    It didn’t take long for Victoria to fall in love with the culture at SEOM Interactive. She loves that everyone has a voice and is given the opportunity to grow their career without being micromanaged. When Victoria shuts down for the day, you can find her exercising at the gym, relaxing at the beach, or jamming out on the piano.

    Victoria earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in Advertising from Rowan University.

    • Big fan of riding the mechanical bull at Xfinity Live after a couple of drinks
    • Prefers Jim’s Steaks over Pat’s and Geno’s
    • Was born and raised in Central Jersey and can confirm that yes, it does exist
  • Tiffany Lessig

    Digital Marketing Associate

    Tiffany Lessig

    Tiffany joined the SEOM team as an intern in early 2022 and was hired as a full-time Digital Marketing Associate a few months later. She enjoys creating email marketing campaigns and crafting blog posts for clients that help build positive brand awareness.

    Tiffany loves the company’s community involvement, team bonding activities, and positive work environment, and says, “My experience at SEOM Interactive so far has been nothing but amazing!” Outside of work, you can find her watching Disney movies, eating poke bowls, cuddling with her dog Koda, or spending time with her friends, husband, and family. She is extremely spontaneous and takes every opportunity to experience new things, food, and places.

    Tiffany earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising from DeSales University.

    • Has been to enough Flyers games to consider the Wells Fargo Center a second home.
    • Is not from Philly, but her parents are, and she’s thankful the city brought them together.
    • Loves crab fries from Chickie’s & Pete’s, but will only eat them with a fork.
  • Max Schummer

    SEO Associate

    Max Schummer

    Max sparked an interest in digital marketing during his junior year of college while taking a few journalism and marketing courses. These classes asked the students to adapt to the pandemic by turning traditional advertising projects into digital marketing-based projects and helped Max learn he enjoyed the analytical and technical aspects of SEO. This experience led to Max interning in the SEO department at SEOM, and lucky for us, he applied for a full-time position upon graduation.

    As an intern, Max supported multiple account managers on a handful of projects, which prepared him for his new role as an SEO Associate. No matter how long you’ve been with SEOM, the company culture stands out. Max says, “I love how open the SEOM environment is. It gave me a lot of room to explore different concepts within the digital marketing world and grow into the SEO professional I am today.” Outside of work, you can probably find Max hanging out with his girlfriend, reading a book somewhere outside, or attending a local punk or metal show.

    Max earned his bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in General Business Studies from Temple University.

    • Loves the great music scene and wealth of unique venues around the city. His favorite venue is the First Unitarian Church.
    • Does his grocery shopping at Reading Terminal Market and loves the “Rachel” sandwich from Luhv Vegan Deli.
    • Spends time in Old City eating at different restaurants and walking around the museums.
    • (Bonus) Deeply hates I-95.
  • Robert Spinrad

    Associate Director of SEO

    Robert Spinrad

    In 9 years with SEOM, Robert progressed from an SEO Associate all the way to Senior SEO Manager. As a manager, Robert demonstrated a natural ability to lead, as well as balance a diverse portfolio of clients while bringing creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to the department. Now, as Associate Director of SEO, he continues to push his peers and clients to generate results that drive growth and help ensure the department maintains a competitive edge via tools, technology, and processes. Robert also provides mentorship to the SEO team, fostering their professional growth and development. 

    Outside of work, you can find him spending time with his wife and dog, traveling, making pizza & eating delicious food (feast your eyes @spinpies), and working on his serve and short game.

    Robert earned his Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Production from Temple University’s School of Media and Communication.

    Blog posts published by Robert:

    • Finds something new to love about the city, no matter how many times he explores it.
    • Thinks that Pizzeria Stella has the best pizza in Philadelphia.
    • In The Process We Trust.
  • Julia Stillman

    Social Media Associate

    Julia Stillman

    Julia joined the SEOM team as an intern in spring of 2022. She loved the fast paced environment, collaboration between coworkers, encouragement to keep learning, and company culture at SEOM. Julia was hired full time in May of 2023, following her graduation from Rider University.

    She found her love for digital marketing in early 2020 when she started her own Instagram account and shop full of digital drawings and stationery, learning how to grow her account and business was her favorite part. Outside of work, you can find Julia reading (as much as possible), going on walks, hanging out with friends and family, and cooking!

    Julia earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a concentration in Digital Marketing at Rider University.

    • Loves going to the Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market
    • Never passes up the opportunity to go to brunch at El Rey (they seriously have the best margs)
    • Always thinks walking the Schuylkill River Trail to the Art Museum is better than driving
  • Richard Than

    Richard Than

    SEO Associate

    Richard Than

    During his time at Drexel, Rich did a co-op at SEOM where he grew fascinated with the world of digital marketing and its impact in today’s digital era. After his co-op came to an end, Rich stayed on with SEOM as an intern and then joined the team full-time as an SEO Associate. For Rich, it was SEOM’s environment that led him to stay beyond his internship and eventually as a full-time employee. “Everyone is very approachable for help and supports each other as if it were one big family.”

    Outside of work, Rich enjoys driving around the city in his ’96 Miata, biking along the Schuylkill River Trail, and traveling to new places.

    Rich recently earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a minor in Management Information Systems from Drexel University.

    • Sonny’s Famous Steaks is definitely where it’s at
    • Is a car fanatic, and enjoys driving around the city in his ‘96 Mazda Miata
    • Deeply despises the PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority)
  • Mark Whited

    Senior Social Media Associate

    Mark Whited

    Before joining SEOM, Mark worked in the Kitchen & Bath industry where he gained valuable experience identifying the needs of end consumers and aligning those needs with Digital Marketing efforts to increase brand awareness, consideration, and ultimately, conversions. Mark has worked both as a Digital Marketing Project Manager and Social Media Coordinator, managing the marketing efforts of multiple brands within the industry and executing Social Media campaigns to drive sales and increase engagement.

    Mark graduated from Temple University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. He is an experienced copywriter, with over 10 years authoring blogs, news articles, video scripts, and more. Previously, Mark was a Staff Writer at The Philadelphia Inquirer and his work has been cited by multiple national and international media outlets.

    Mark aims to combine his experience to effectively support SEOM clients to the fullest—offering valuable feedback, and most importantly, delivering results!

    When “Social Mark” is outside of work, he enjoys PC building, video games, and playing / watching baseball.

    • Was in attendance for the best Phillies game ever (’08 World Series clincher) and the worst Phillies game ever (the ’22 World Series No-Hitter)
    • Once played baseball with a ball signed by Chase Utley, and of course, lost it
    • Is slowly losing his hearing from Metal shows at Underground Arts
  • Lauren Zumpano

    Vice President

    Lauren Zumpano

    Lauren applies her passion for digital marketing, operations, critical thinking, managing, and problem-solving as a Vice President at SEOM. Along with the leadership team, she works to create a culture of learning and inclusion while scaling SEOM’s vision across a diverse array of clients.

    Lauren joined SEOM in 2011 as Mark’s second employee. In 10 years, she has helped the company grow from 3 employees to more than 40, balancing business in a fast growing digital agency while creating a people-centric company culture. Her goal is to deliver outstanding results for both clients and team members.

    After graduating college, Lauren worked for a NJ public relations agency for two years, starting as an Account Associate and quickly working her way up to Account Manager. She then moved to Washington, D.C. to take on the role of Communications Manager for the NPR affiliate station. She moved back home to Philly, briefly contemplated law school, but fortunately decided to pursue digital marketing instead.

    Lauren is a Temple University alum and also a proud member of the LGBTQ community. Outside of work, you’ll find her spending time with her wife, kids, and friends, watching/playing sports, on her Peloton, doing crossword puzzles or the daily Wordle, cooking, or eating chocolate chip cookies.

    • Avid sports radio listener & diehard Philly sports fan
    • Loves exploring her Fishtown neighborhood
    • Thinks scrapple is gross; after all, who wants to eat a food with the words “scrap” and “crap” in it?!