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After graduating from college in Houston, Lyndsie made her triumphant return to Pennsylvania and joined the SEOM Interactive team in 2014. She loves the challenges that are presented when working in SEO, specifically the daily problem solving that’s required to achieve positive results for her clients. The fact that SEO is constantly changing keeps Lyndsie on her toes and ensures that she’s never bored with her work.

While the SEO world has gone through many major algorithm updates since 2014, one thing has remained the same and that’s the fact that Lyndsie feels valued at SEOM. “I’ve worked in many places that didn’t value their employees. The management style and benefits we receive here show how much SEOM cares about its employees.” When Lyndsie is away from her desk you can find her hiking, traveling, checking out new breweries, and gardening. You can follow her gardening adventures on Instagram @gardenofvera.

Lyndsie received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston.

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