The Ad Grants Apocalypse

Categories: PPC

A closer look at Maximize Conversions bid strategy In case you have been under a rock or, like me, have been wrapped up in the Philadelphia Eagles World Championship Football… [Read More]

New Year, New Us (Part 1)

Categories: Company News

Over the past eight years, SEOM Interactive has experienced exponential growth – from new clients, new services, new sister businesses, and new employees. One thing that took a back seat… [Read More]

Do Featured Snippets Work?

Categories: SEO

Getting noticed in search engines is a constant battle, now more than ever. One may think having the number one organic spot is enough, but it isn’t. The top section… [Read More]

Post-Holiday Marketing Strategies

Categories: Facebook, PPC

After the holiday season has come and gone, the e-commerce season has not. A well-devised, post-Christmas marketing strategy can drive customers to your website in larger numbers than you might… [Read More]

Keyword Research Tools

Categories: SEO

Every business owner should know what terms they want to be found for via search and the necessary steps to rank for those terms, but they also need an understanding… [Read More]

Facebook on the GDN

Categories: Facebook, PPC

While auditing the placements in a client’s remarketing campaign, one particular placement jumped out at me: Since when is Facebook on the Google Display Network? When you click “see… [Read More]

Is Bounce Rate Bullsh*t?

Categories: PPC

A few months ago we started working with a new client who had previously been running his own AdWords account. We overhauled and restructured the entire account, and quickly saw… [Read More]

Why You Didn’t Land An Interview

Categories: Jobs

Job hunting can be a stressful process, whether you’re a recent college grad or you’re looking for a career change. The exciting part comes in to play when you finally… [Read More]

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