At SEOM, we rely on a variety of third-party tools and guides to help us get through the day-to-day.  We also read – constantly – to stay up to date on the latest industry happenings.  These resources are valuable for clients as well as those new to Search Engine Marketing & Optimization.

Guides & Articles

The Impact of Paid Ads on Organic Rankings
Follow Up: Even If You Rank #1 Organically, You Can Double Your Clicks with PPC
SEO – Beginner’s Guide to SEO
Lead Generation PPC Tips
PPC – Adwords vs. Analytics Discrepancies
PPC – Why to Bid on Your Trademark
PPC – More Reasons To Bid on Your Branded Terms
PPC – Ad Gallery – specs for creative across digital advertising platforms
SEO & PPC: The Facts on Integration, Cannibalism & Synergism
Search Query Reports – They’re Not Just for Breakfast
Link Building – The Myth of the Relevant Link 1000 search engine queries for linkbuilding

Other Companies in Philadelphia We Recommend

PR Company 4M Communication – Public Relations firm for media outreach, press releases, product reviews, copywriting, and more
Seer Interactive – Work with Fortune 500 companies and do a great job
GreenlaneSEO – Been doing great things for businesses since 2005
Front Street Consulting – Focus on PPC and handles both large and small accounts
FactorMedia – Social Media and SEO company that knows conversion rate optimization inside and out
Franchise Digital Interactive  – Full-service digital marketing services for franchisees and franchisors