Social media was once just a place to connect with friends and family, share memes, and gain followers. Now, it is a place to build relationships, generate awareness and engagement, and reach business goals. 

Some businesses thought they could hire an intern to “do their social media.” And in some cases, that may have been sufficient before. But in today’s competitive landscape, it’s a whole different ball game. Simply posting to your social media pages isn’t enough; in most cases, you have to pay to play. 

Organic Social

When you create a post on social media, that is organic content. Your content should capture attention and resonate with your followers. And you need to post consistently. When a new potential customer finds your business and wants to learn more about you, they check your social pages. If your most recent post was 6 months ago, will they call you? 

Gone are the days of social media platforms putting your content in front of all your followers. The current average reach for an organic Facebook post is just 2.2%, according to Hootsuite. So if your page has 500 followers, about 10 of those people may see your post. That’s where paid social comes in. 

Paid Social

Paid social puts your brand directly in the feed of your target audience. Whether that’s a boosted post or an ad, a strategic paid social plan delivers reach and action on social media.

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