A Facebook lead generation campaign places ads in front of targeted users and gives them the opportunity to submit a lead form without even leaving the Facebook interface. When one of our home improvement clients was seeking more leads, we incorporated Facebook ads as a supplemental lead generation channel.


Using strategic targeting and high quality creative content, we implemented a Facebook campaign highlighting the client’s services and customer testimonials. 

Videos are more eye-catching than still images, so we designed a short motion graphic featuring the client’s slogan. We kept the caption simple with concise, compelling messaging. The call to action brought opened a lead form which initiated an appointment for a free estimate. 

facebook ad with video creative


With a modest monthly ad spend, this campaign generates steady lead flow, making Facebook a consistent lead source for the client. Over a 6 month period, this campaign resulted in 29 leads at a cost of $48.98 per lead.






cost per lead

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