We launched a Facebook campaign for our longtime interior design client to drive potential customers to their site.

Initially we ran static image ads featuring one of the rooms in the client’s portfolio. While running this creative, we saw an average cost per link click of $0.97 and a click-through rate of 2.09%.

To optimize the campaign, we tested a change in the ad type.

The original campaign featured a single static image promoting the overall portfolio on the clients’ website. While keeping the audience targeting the same, we switched the ad type from single image to a carousel. This format allows us to showcase several images and link each to different landing pages.

Facebook Ad Carousel for Interior Decorator

Each carousel card features a specific design style (e.g. contemporary, modern, mid-century) and links to its respective page on the client’s website.

In the first carousel card, we ask the audience “What’s Your Style?” with an emoji arrow pointing to the other cards. This creates a more engaging experience for the user, as it invites them to scroll, pick their style, and be taken to a relevant landing page. 

Since making this change, we have seen the click-through rate increase by 34%, and the average cost per link click drop by 56%.

Overall, carousel creatives can make a big impact for businesses that have a variety of products or services to showcase. While carousels might not be right for everyone, you never know until you test!


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