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Before joining SEOM, Alexandra worked full-time for Florida State University’s student union, leading all marketing efforts as the organization underwent a large-scale renovation. After two years there, Alexandra moved up North to Philadelphia and started working in social media with SEOM. After three years in the social media department, she switched gears and became our Director of Operations. 

While there’s a lot to love about working at SEOM, Alexandra was able to nail down two things in particular: the culture and the people. “We’re a tightly run ship, and we work hard, but we’re also given flexibility. It’s evident that we’re cared for in more ways than just our productivity.” Outside of work, you can find Alexandra cooking, crafting, or taking a class at Butcher’s Sew Shop in Philly. She also likes to knit, crochet, and use a hot glue gun, saying, “if there’s a section for it in Michael’s, chances are it’s something I enjoy.” See what she’s sewing on Instagram

Alexandra earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Editing, Writing, and Media from Florida State University.

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