Do Featured Snippets Work?

Categories: SEO

Getting noticed in search engines is a constant battle, now more than ever. One may think having the number one organic spot is enough, but it isn’t. The top section… [Read More]

Keyword Research Tools

Categories: SEO

What are the best tools for conducting keyword research? Every business owner should know what terms they want to be found for via search and the necessary steps to rank… [Read More]

Bad Reviews: What Do I Do?

Categories: SEO, SMB

This post comes to us from Michael Johnson, SEO Associate at SEOM Interactive: When it comes to deciding where to shop, consumers turn to reviews. Companies with an online presence have… [Read More]

How To Optimize YouTube Videos

Categories: SEO

How do you optimize videos on Youtube for Search? So you’re beginning to understand the keys to optimizing your website for the search engines; but what about video?  Last year,… [Read More]

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