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This year we’ve come to value things we may have previously taken for granted – big gatherings with friends and family, cleaning supplies, and even toilet paper. As digital marketers, we are fortunate enough to be able to conduct business from home. What’s essential to making that happen?  Electricity, a strong internet connection, some serious time management skills, and a few extra rolls of toilet paper. 

While there are many perks about working from home (goodbye morning commute, hello sweatpants all day!), we can’t help but miss many aspects of office life, especially:

  • The people
  • Free prepared lunches
  • Ping pong/pool/corn hole breaks
  • Mark’s practical jokes
  • Brainstorming around a conference table with ideas on a whiteboard
  • Monthly birthday celebrations 
  • A good pun from an officemate 
  • Gag gift exchange at our holiday party 

Although a lot has changed this year, one thing that remains constant is our approach to digital marketing. Here are eight essential marketing tips: 

  1. Track Everything. Go beyond the obvious contact form submissions and transactions, and measure the soft goals along the customer journey, too – newsletter signups, live chats, etc. Not all marketing efforts drive direct leads/revenue on the user’s first visit, so it’s vital to understand what strategies fill your funnel and impact the path to conversion.
  2. Develop Strong Creative and Messaging. Whether it’s for social channels, display ads, or email marketing, your creative assets are what drives engagement. Think witty copy, eye-catching animation, and bold visuals — though it doesn’t have to be all at the same time. When users are drawn in by your creative assets, they’re more likely to click through and perform the action you desire.
  3. Make a Great First Impression in Video. Consumers have come to expect video content from the businesses they follow. You don’t need a hefty budget to add video to your marketing assets. Many videos look more authentic when they’re not overly produced. Regardless of your budget, when it comes to video creative, the first 3-5 seconds should be compelling enough that viewers don’t want to skip it. Bonus tip: Include your logo in those opening seconds to cash in on free brand awareness even if viewers do hit “skip.” 
  4. Establish Brand Guidelines. This goes beyond simply identifying your brand colors. Your brand guidelines should also include your official business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) so your citations are consistent across the internet, which impacts your organic ranking. 
  5. Capture Email Addresses. Building an email list creates more opportunities to stay in touch with your customers and potential customers: sending newsletters, populating custom audiences in Google and across social channels, generating lookalike or similar audiences, and more. 
  6. Stay Connected. From your social channels to your GMB listing and your website, posting consistently tells your audience that your business is active and engaged. This is especially important during times of uncertainty, when your hours may change, you may be closed to in-person customers but offering curbside pickup or delivery, etc. Make sure your customers know you’re open and available. 
  7. Be Relatable. Instead of using buzzwords, jargon, and typical corporate phrases, talk to your customers the same way they talk to their friends. When you understand your audience’s everyday obstacles, you’ll be able to put out a better product and better messaging that they can relate to.  
  8. Make Data-Driven Decisions. Since you’ve been tracking everything, you’ll have plenty of data to analyze. Let this data guide your strategic optimizations. For example, if a particular PPC campaign is driving bottom-of-the-funnel leads and sales at a great ROI, start to scale that campaign by adding more budget. If your Facebook ad is generating email sign- ups at a strong rate, make sure your email marketing strategy is ready to nurture those users toward an action. 

Don’t let all of your planning and strategizing go to waste. Use these eight tips to ensure your digital marketing strategy is poised for success. Not sure where to start? Contact us today to schedule a free digital marketing consultation. 


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