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Just like your favorite Christmas cookies, the best digital marketing strategies consist of the right mix of quality ingredients, carefully measured and blended with keen attention to detail to achieve that perfect outcome. However, unlike your grandma’s secret recipe, we are ready to divulge SEOM’s recipe for a successful digital marketing strategy. Take a look!


  • Competitive Analysis 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Landing Page 
  • Compelling Messaging 
  • Google Analytics Goals 
  • Budget 
  • Remarketing Ads 
  • Title and Meta Tags 
  • Internal and External Links 
  • A Newsworthy Story or Announcement 
  • Blogs and Guest Posts 
  • Social Media Profiles 
  • Email Blasts 
  • Reviews 


Start by understanding the KPIs and your target audience. Perform a competitive analysis. Sprinkle in your keyword research. Create a landing page that keeps users on your website, ensuring you mix in compelling messaging (you’ll be able to use these in other parts of your strategy, too). Set up goals in Analytics to track conversions while you’re cooking. 

Next, gather, structure, and organize the keywords for your PPC campaign. Carefully measure your budget, so you know where and when to spend it. Then, write a few lines of click-worthy ad copy. Sift in ad extensions and follow users with remarketing ads to make the strategy even more potent.

While your PPC campaigns are in the oven, it’s time to combine the SEO strategies. First, whip up a technical site audit and identify/fix any errors. Don’t skip this step or the recipe will fail! 

Next, fluff up your title and meta tags. Add a pinch of alt tags to your images. Begin building both internal and external links. 

Finally, combine a newsworthy story with a great headline. Blend blogs and guest posts for unique content and backlinks. Season your social media profiles well so customers can reach you quickly and see what you’re up to. Spread your content throughout your social media and email newsletters. Don’t forget to ask for reviews!

Let’s Try It!

Follow this recipe and you’ll be bubbling over with leads and sales. 

When it comes to clients, each one is unique which is why there can be multiple variations of this recipe. Be careful not to get tricked by other agencies claiming their recipes are individually made from home with love when they’re actually mass-produced and store-bought. After all, nothing compares to the real thing. Contact us today to discuss a custom recipe for digital marketing success. 


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