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As Search Engine Marketing professionals, we rely on a vast set of tools to accomplish the nitty gritty of our work. From Open Site Explorer to Mike’s Marketing Tools, there seemed to be a tool for everything. That is, until Google rolled out a new match type for PPC – Broad Match Modifier.

The new targeting feature allows you to create keyword lists that have a greater reach than “phrase” and [exact], but offers more control than broad match.

Implementing this match type has been a bit of a hassle, though, and we’ve had it up to here with the “Find, Replace” function in Excel.

So today we introduce our PPC tool: AdWords Keyword Wrapper for Broad Match Modifier.

Here’s how to use it:

1.       Visit http://www.searchenginesmarketer.com/ppckeywordwrapper/

2.       Copy & paste your keyword list into the first box marked “Enter Keywords.” For example, we used “divorce lawyer, divorce lawyers, divorce attorney, divorce attorneys, divorce law firm, divorce law firms.”

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3.       Enter keywords you want to match in the 2nd box marked “Enter Keywords To Match.” For example, lawyer, lawyers, attorney, attorneys, law firm, law firms.

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4.       Hit “Wrap.”

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5.       Your BMM’ed keywords will generate in the final box marked “Broad Match Modifiers.” Your list will look like this: “divorce +lawyer, divorce +lawyers, divorce +attorney, divorce +attorneys, divorce +law +firm, divorce +law +firms.”

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For your (and our) convenience, we also built the classic keyword wrapper tool below. Consider this page a one-stop-shop for your keyword wrapping needs.

Is there another tool the SEM world is missing?  Let us know about it in the comments, and we’ll see what we can do.

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