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SEOM Interactive loves the color green, both for our beloved Eagles (go Birds!), and for nature! This quarter we got our hands dirty with a community cleanup.

On Wednesday morning our group of 15 went to Benjamin Rush State Park in the northeast section of Philadelphia. The only state park within the city boundary, it’s a beautiful spot that is popular for its large community gardens, bicycling trail and more.

Donating Time

We divided ourselves into three groups, gathered our tools, and got to work. Each group covered different areas of the park where we picked up trash, did some weeding, and cut down any overgrowth that was interfering with the trail.


We do our best to be environmentally friendly in the office by limiting our use of plastic and paper, keeping everything digital, and recycling whatever we can; but we could not have been happier to donate our time at the Benjamin Rush State Park. We loved getting out in the fresh air and enjoyed exploring the park.

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