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A few months ago we started working with a new client who had previously been running his own AdWords account. We overhauled and restructured the entire account, and quickly saw an increase in leads.

Looking at the on-site metrics, I noticed that visitors from the PPC campaign were looking at 6 different pages per visit. So I decided to incorporate all of the best pieces from those pages into one landing page. We built the new page in WordPress and – after running it by the client – started using it as our landing page for PPC.

After collecting some significant data, we noticed the bounce rate was insanely high – over 90%. However, while that sounds alarming, I wasn’t worried. Since implementing the new landing page, lead flow increased.

The previous conversion rate (just looking at web form submissions, not factoring in phone leads) was 0.59%. With the new landing page, the conversion rate nearly doubled, climbing to 1.17%.

The new landing page gave a thorough pitch on the business and resulted in more users filling out the form on the site. They only needed that one page to encourage them to take the next step and request more information.

So at the end of the day, if you have a great conversion rate from your landing page, you did your job. I’m not saying bounce rate should be ignored, but the conversion rate is the stronger metric.

Post by Janine Monico

Categories: PPC
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