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In honor of International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of the top women in digital to follow on Twitter.

Julie Bacchini, PPC | @NeptuneMoon

“As a woman who has been in digital marketing since it literally began, my advice to others starting out or who are not as far along in their professional journeys as I am would be to trust your instincts and hone them. Find people who you can trust who can help you build your skills and confidence. Everyone needs a second opinion sometimes! It does not mean you don’t know what you’re doing. There are more and more women in the industry (which I love!) but you might still be the only woman in the room or on a call pretty often. Seeking and maintaining a support system should be a top priority. And, if you’re at the point where you can mentor others or provide that kind of support, do it!”


Ann Handley, Head of Content  |  @MarketingProfs

For any marketer, but especially on International Women’s Day! Two things I’ve found ridiculously useful in my career are 1) focus and 2) nerve.

Focus: The ability to concentrate all of your energy and talents on one specific thing at a time and actually deliver on that thing. You can make up for a lot of faults just by being the kind of digital marketer (and person) who follows through, who owns a project 100% and makes it happen without a lot of internal drama.

Nerve: Fiercely believe you have the ability to make change happen. In your organizations. With your customers. With the world. And in yourself, too.

As the writer Haruki Morakami wrote: Without nerve… “you can’t go anywhere. It’s like boxing. Once you climb into the ring, you can’t back out. You have to fight until the match is over.”

Not that marketing (or life) is a fight. It’s not. It’s an analogy, people. 😊 Sign up for Ann’s newsletter.

Jessica Lawlor, PR, Content, Social | @jesslaw

Here’s a big lesson I’ve learned from my decade-long career in marketing and communications: Self-promotion isn’t a dirty word. While I’ve never been one to shy away from sharing my work and personality online, over the past year, I’ve taken even more time and care to tell my story and practice what I preach about to my clients for myself and JL&Co.

While self-promotion may feel a little uncomfortable, it actually can make a difference. I realized I was missing out on serious opportunities by pushing this task to the back burner. Since I’ve started proudly promoting my work, I’ve landed new clients, developed strong relationships, increased my website traffic and grew my email list.

Cindy Krum, SEO, Mobile Marketing | @Suzzicks


Ginny Marvin, Digital Marketing & Paid Media | @GinnyMarvin


Cristi Olson, PPC | @ChristiJOlson


Jen Slegg, SEM Post | @jenstar


Rhea Drysdale, SEO, Digital Strategy | @Rhea


Melonie Dodaro, Author, Digital Sales & Marketing | @MeloniaDodaro


Madalyn Sklar, Social Media | @madalynsklar

Lilach Bullock, Social Media | @lilachbullock


Joy Hawkins, SEO | @JoyanneHawkins

Britney Muller, SEO | @britneymuller



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