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Our interns are an invaluable part of SEOM. We like to invest in their development, which means taking the time to help them hone in on their digital marketing skills and providing them with hands-on experience. They are quick to offer a helping hand to any team member, no matter the department, and fully immerse themselves into the company culture, soaking up all the information they can. Often, this leads to interns becoming full-time employees. In fact, about 20% of our current employees started out as interns! 

Since our interns are the real MVPs of our team, we asked them to share the most valuable lesson they’ve learned at SEOM. Here’s what they had to say:

The most valuable lesson I have learned while working at SEOM is the importance of adapting to change. When I first began here, I worked on the SEO side of the digital marketing strategies. Now I’m working on the PR and Content side. Learning how to adapt to change (and do it well) is something I will take with me to any professional career I pursue. Switching from my everyday SEO workload to PR was a huge adjustment, but I am thankful to have been given this opportunity to learn and develop a new skillset. Lauren, Temple University


Having only been here for a short time so far, one thing I’ve learned is the importance of self-improvement, whether it be yourself or with your clients. We are living and working in a digital age where things are changing almost every day, so it is very easy to get lost. It helps to take a step back and reflect. You can do this by looking around to see where mistakes are possibly being made, learning a new skill for yourself, or finding new audiences for a client. –Rich, Drexel University



Throughout my summer and fall internships with SEOM, I have learned that no task is too small, whether you are working as an intern, vice president, or SEO specialist. Everyone is an important asset in making the company successful. Teamwork is invaluable, as other employees rely on you to complete your part diligently so that the client has a successful outcome! –Cassidy, LaSalle University

SEOM has a fun, fast-paced work environment and a highly collaborative team in a laid-back setting. If you’re interested in free catered lunch each day, a fully stocked kitchen, a flexible work schedule, and the chance to become a rock star digital marketer check out our internship opportunities!

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