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Working remotely over the past 18 months has challenged our team to find different opportunities to give back to our community, and get involved. This summer, we decided to collaborate virtually as a group to find three non-profit organizations our team is passionate about. Each SEOM team member submitted their favorite organization, and collectively we voted on our top three. 

In June, July, and August, the SEOM team made a $100 donation to each of the following amazing places:


Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Logo

JUNE: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), submitted by Email Marketing & Senior SEO Specialist Brian Henninger.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has been ranked as one of the top children’s hospitals in the United States for 15 years. CHOP is a nonprofit hospital focused on providing world-class care to their patients.

“I chose the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) as it is very near and dear to my heart. When I was in middle school, I found out that I had an adrenal failure and a growth deficiency, as I was only 4ft and 52 lbs. The doctors were able to find the issue and took great care of me. Today, my daughter suffers from a hearing loss which she was born with called Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct (EVA). My wife and I take Bailey to meet with audiologists and ENTs regularly, and we are currently learning sign language. The staff at CHOP has taken great care of my daughter during all of this, and I couldn’t be happier. ” – Brian H.


Gift of Life Family House Logo

JULY: Gift Of Life Family House, submitted by SEO Manager Krista Mosco.

The Gift Of Life Family House offers affordable lodging, meals, transportation, and supportive services to transplant patients and their families who need to travel to the Philadelphia area.

“I have had family members who have received transplants and others who have waited to. I can sympathize with how exhausting and expensive it must be for families who have to travel from out of town.” – Krista M.


Everybody Eats Philly Logo

AUGUST: Everybody Eats Philly, submitted by Social Media Director Alexandra McGinn.

Everybody Eats Philly is fighting against hunger and is dedicated to increasing food security and building the community. They believe that access to healthy food is a basic human right and that everyone deserves regular nutritious meals.

“I believe food brings people together, and everyone deserves to be healthily nourished, so I really admire the work they do.” – Alexandra M.

All of the organizations that were submitted are special in their own way. We hope we can continue this trend and help make a difference in our community as we move forward! If you are inspired by these organizations and their missions, we encourage you to make a donation, share their cause, or stay in the loop for future events!

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