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As SEOM Interactive continues to grow, we realized it’s time for a new office. In our search for a new space, we didn’t want just any building. We wanted something special.

Special like… astronaut special.

SEO Specialist Lauren Zumpano experiences the Johnsville Centrifuge

Located at 780 Falcon Circle, Suite 103, Ivyland, PA, our new office sits on the first floor of the Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum, where all of our country’s pioneering astronauts – including Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, and Alan Shepard – trained prior to embarking on their historic missions in space.

This is the largest human centrifuge ever built, boasting a 4,000 horsepower motor capable of swinging the massive 50-foot arm at linear speeds in excess of 170 mph, and generating up to 40 G’s of force. All of the astronauts involved in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs trained here at the world’s most sophisticated dynamic flight simulator.

The Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum seeks to provide the community with education and entertainment in the study of aerospace sciences. They restore, preserve and protect the centrifuge and other artifacts in order to best serve their mission of education. They showcase space artifacts at local events and welcome members of the community to tour the building to enjoy their own space experiences. To learn more about the Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum, click here.

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