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After months of testing, Facebook has finally expanded the availability of Search ad placement to even more advertisers.

These ads are limited to certain advertisers for now, namely those in auto, retail, and e-commerce. Additionally, there are a few restrictions:

  • Creative. Only available for single-image and carousel ads, so video ads will not show for this placement
  • Objectives. Only available for the campaign objectives for traffic, conversion, and product catalog sales 

This is a good opportunity for e-commerce clients to expand on their current ad placements and get their product feeds in front of a relevant audience.

Although it’s called Search, this won’t be like Google Ads. Currently Facebook does not allow advertisers to target specific keywords for the Search placement. Facebook will decide which queries to trigger your ads for, so take the time to update your Facebook page’s information with relevant keywords and services. 

We’ll update this post as we test out this new feature and have data to share! 

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