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If you’ve ever been in a meeting with Mark Kennedy, you know how much he loves whiteboards. And when there’s no whiteboard nearby, he’s been known to write on windows and walls. Since no surface is safe, we enlisted our client, Everase, to outfit our office with custom printed dry erase wallcoverings.

The Everase team said if we can imagine it, they can create it. So we put our heads together and came up with concepts that brighten up the office and give us plenty of real estate for brainstorming.

Let’s take a tour!

Beachy Breakout Room

I’ve always advocated for adopting South Jersey as a suburb of Philly (it’s even been in my bio on our website for years). I’m not the only one who shares that sentiment, so when we were brainstorming themes for our breakout meeting rooms, our resident beachgoers voted to dedicate a room to the Jersey Shore.

Everase made us a custom beach wallcovering that spans two walls, which has made Breakout Room 204 the most frequently booked meeting room.

A Cozy Corner

From the beach to the woods, a short walk to cozy corner greets you with a calming fall scene. It’s the perfect spot for motivational quotes or quick notes.

Google Search Wall

Outside the PPC office, we’re greeted with a familiar sight: Google search. 

The Conference Room Comic Book

We wanted to make a statement in our conference room. Since there is no shortage of comic book nerds at SEOM, we set out to combine superheroes and digital marketing. SEO & Email Marketing Specialist Brian Henninger designed 224 square feet of eye-catching graphics that expertly reflect our passion for our work, our creative culture, and our inner geeks.


Keep Score in our Open Area 

When we aren’t busy executing strategies, analyzing data, and hosting client meetings, our team hangs out in the common area. Here, we can take midday mind breaks or start up a friendly game of cornhole. Thanks to Everase, we can keep score on our four-sided column, which is now adorned with the SEOM logo and a cornhole scoreboard. There’s additional space to jot down thoughts from a quick brainstorm session or take a little doodle break. (Fun fact, Fast Company reported that doodling at work could help you be more productive! Keep on doodling, friends!)

Think you could benefit from dry erase wallcoverings? Contact Everase and tell them SEOM sent you!

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