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cityline-ave-interview-spaceLights! Camera! Action! The SEOM Public Relations team (Danielle and Melanie) took a tour of the NBC10 and Telemundo62 studio in Bala Cynwyd on December 1st. The PR duo belongs to the Philadelphia Public Relations Association (PPRA),  the nation’s oldest and largest independent public relations association, and were given this members-only behind-the-scenes peek at how a news station operates on a day-to-day basis.

SEOM’s clients are always looking for new ways to market their brands, tell their stories and create more awareness about themselves and their company. One of the ways the PR team accomplishes these goals is by pitching client stories to local newspapers and stations. This exclusive tour of the NBC10 and Telemundo62 was the perfect opportunity for our PR team to gain inside information on the best ways to get our clients noticed by a broadcast team.

Melanie and Danielle toured the main interview space on City Line Ave as well as the production room, the digital operations room and the main studio. In the interview space, they watched a live interview between NBC10 anchor Vai Sikahema and two women holding free testings for World Aids Day. They also got to go inside the newsroom and see where stories that they pitch end up.


In addition to the tour, there was a Q&A session with one of the station’s assignment editors – the person receiving pitches about what’s going on and ultimately, the decision makers in regards to what stories get covered. During this session, Melanie and Danielle uncovered how to best pitch the journalists at NBC10, as well as the best times to reach out to them, best practices in press release writing, and how to craft a subject line that will pique a reporter’s interest.

Overall, this trip to the NBC10 and Telemundo62 studio was an informative and instructive visit for our PR Team! The insider tips Melanie and Danielle gained will be useful moving forward in gaining coverage for our clients.

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