Users who have visited your website are some of the most qualified potential customers you can find. Remarketing ads keep your brand in front of those users.  You’ve seen it yourself: one minute you’re browsing a clothing website, and the next minute you’re seeing those clothes follow you around as you check the weather and read the news.

Remarketing reinforces your brand, drives traffic to your website, and generates leads and sales. Leveraging remarketing through Google is cost-effective for budgets of all sizes.

paid remarketing


How It Works: SEOM Interactive will place a piece of code on your website. When users visit your website, they are added to your audience list. Google then displays your ads – both text and image ads – to these users as they browse the web.

How You Pay: You are only charged when a user clicks on one of your remarketing ads and comes back to your website. Set a daily budget and SEOM Interactive will generate as much traffic as possible within your budget.

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