As digital marketers, our skill sets are often comparable to those of private investigators. Sometimes we must dig deep and think outside the box in order to reach our intended audience and generate results.

The Challenge

Our client offered a solution to a medical problem that impacts mostly black women over the age of 35. Although digital advertising targeting options are wide (just check out this list of Facebook audience targets), they do not allow advertisers to target by sensitive topics such as medical conditions or race. 

The Approach

As much as we would love to have a simple checkbox for our perfect target audience, we had to get creative to reach this demographic. Our PPC team tapped the media list building skills of our PR team to find publications that fit the ideal demographic of our client. 

The PR team chose two different approaches to create this list. The first was a simple Google search. We identified nearly 20 publications that targeted this specific demographic.

After compiling this list, we used another tool, Cision, to identify the publications’ social media pages and website URLs.

The PR team presented this detailed list to the PPC team, who then used the information to populate a custom audience that we could target for advertising.

The Results

Combining this thoughtfully defined audience with compelling creative and ongoing strategic campaign optimization over one year, we generated 331 leads for this client at an overall cost per lead of $80 – below their target CPL of $100. 

Without this strategic approach to reaching a relevant audience, our ads would have been more broadly targeted, which could have resulted in weaker conversion rates, higher ad spend, and higher costs per lead. 

This unique targeting challenge allowed us to tap into resources across our agency and utilize the different departments to develop a custom campaign for our client. Through department collaboration, we were able to not only meet, but exceed our client’s goals, and lay the groundwork for a targeting methodology that can be applied to other clients with unique audience demographics.







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