As the second most popular search engine, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users. So when it comes to generating awareness of your business without breaking the bank – and getting tangible results – YouTube is a great option.


From May through July 2020, we ran CertaPro Painters® video ads on YouTube. These ads were skippable in-stream videos where you only pay per view. This means if a user hits “skip,” you don’t pay Google anything. 

We selected Life Event targeting to show the video ad to users who were moving, renovating, or purchasing a new home. The ads were eligible to run both on desktop and mobile devices of targeted users in the zip codes we selected. 


Over three months and a total ad spend of $5,500, we generated 255,027 video views at an average cost per view of $0.02.  Yep, that’s two cents. 

By leveraging Google’s Life Event targeting, we were able to drill down to the ideal audience. Showing the video to users who were either purchasing a home, moving, or renovating proved to be the right strategy for success, as our video ads earned a strong view rate of 49.77%.




video views


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cost per view

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