With over a billion users, YouTube is an engaging platform for reaching your target audience. Since YouTube is owned by Google, we have control over which YouTube users we reach. From hyper-local geographic targets to age and gender demographics, narrowed by life events, interests and keywords, YouTube ads are a powerful channel for targeted brand building.

Any video uploaded to YouTube can be an ad. Video ads appear before other videos, alongside videos, and also in the YouTube search results.

In StreamIn-Stream video ads run on a Cost Per View (CPV) basis. Don’t worry about the “skip” button. You are only charged when a user watches 30 seconds of your video (or the full duration of the video if it’s shorter than 30 seconds long).


In-DisplayYour video ad can also display in the YouTube search results, as well as alongside YouTube videos as they are playing.

in-display video ads

video ad in-display

You have complete control over your video advertising budget. Set a daily budget and generate awareness with your YouTube videos.

YouTube ads also offer a robust suite of audience targeting capabilities, including:

  • email list (customer match)
  • remarketing
  • life events (such as moving soon, renovating a home, recently graduated, and more)
  • interests (in market and affinity)
  • custom intent audiences powered by strategic keywords

Don’t have the budget for video production? SEOM can build short videos that promote your products or services.

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