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Last week we posted a resource on the robust list of ad targeting options on Facebook (and “robust” is an understatement). Before you start digging through this extensive list of targets, get to know your audience a little better first by checking your Google remarketing list insights. AdWords gives advertisers information about the users on your remarketing list – from demographics and locations to interests and devices.

Let’s use an online retailer as an example:

From the Affinity Audience (which analyzes a user’s overall interests and lifestyle to get a sense of their identity), we see Shopaholics, Fashionistas, and Luxury Shoppers. In-market segment (which analyzes a user’s search habits) reveals that these users search for makeup and women’s apparel.

When we hop over to Facebook, we can build the following target:

Interestingly, our Remarketing list also indicates this audience has an interest in Pop and Hip Hop music.  Facebook has these targets, too:

We can then layer on additional targets that suit our target audience, which in this case is high school girls:

With these insights and targeting options, you can tailor your ad creative and messaging directly to that audience. The Google insights will also tell you which audience is more likely to convert, so you can spend your advertising dollars wisely.

Leverage one channel to inform your strategy on another and effectively reach potential customers.

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