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4M Communication is a full-service public relations agency and the newest division of SEOM Interactive.  At SEOM, we’ve been offering public relations services to our clients for the past three years. However, in the last year or so, our owner, Mark noticed that the requests for PR had been increasing. It became apparent that there needed to be a separate entity focusing strictly on PR, and that’s how 4M was born.

It’s founded on the same drive and passion as SEOM- kicking ass for the little guys- and Melanie and Danielle are ready to get to work. They will continue helping the clients they’ve gotten to know at SEOM while also taking on new clients of their own. Their background at SEOM is what differentiates them from any other PR agency. Here, they learn the ins and outs of digital marketing as a whole and are able to seamlessly tie together all channels of a marketing plan.

Some of the services they offer are local/national media outreach, media list development, press release writing and distribution, product placement and reviews, event trade show support, copy writing, social media campaign development and more.

In the past, they have helped our clients get featured on Realtor.com, landed a spot on 6ABC’s Action News and planned an all-day business conference from start to finish. We are excited to see all that they will accomplish at 4M and lucky for us, their office is still right inside ours! To see what they are all about, check out their website at www.4mcommunication.com.

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