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Every page on your website presents an opportunity to engage your site visitors. Don’t overlook the chance to show your company’s personality and connect with your potential customers.

Take a look at our 404 page, for example.  Sure, we don’t want people to land on it because it means we have a broken link somewhere, but if by chance someone gets lost while navigating our site, our 404 page gives a little insight into our company’s personality.


One of our clients, Filemaker Developer Mighty Data, keeps the attention of users even after the user has submitted a comment to their blog. By thanking users in a variety of languages, they give a nod to their multilingual team. They also want even more from their users. This thank you page asks users to submit ideas and feedback. Encouraging users to submit information builds their interest in your company, and makes it more likely that they will check your website again.

What do you do to engage your site visitors?

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