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super markLast Thursday was anything but normal in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After a sudden and unexpected algorithm update, the agency noticed something wasn’t quite right at SEOM Interactive. Computer screens began glowing green; office supplies floated away from their places on desks; there was a force in the air no one could recognize. But in a busy digital agency, work always comes first, so the staff at SEOM ignored the strangeness in the air.

Local newscasters likened the event to an Act of God. Industry professionals claimed it was a freak accident. Google still has yet to offer up an explanation, but for SEOM Interactive, things will never be the same.

Matt Tumasz, an SEO Manager, picked up the phone before it even rang. On the other side of the office, search specialists began noticing a difference in their ability to manipulate Google listings, Yelp reviews, and even paid ad placement with their minds.

super debNow, it’s been a week since the incident, and Mark Kennedy, President of SEOM Interactive, couldn’t be happier. As an avid comic book reader and fan of all things superhero, Kennedy was excited to receive the power of super speed.

As a business owner, his work never stops, but with super speed, he’s able to answer emails and calls in a matter of seconds, helping more clients than ever before on a daily basis.

“I was glad everyone showed up at the office that day,” he said after explaining that his employees have the liberty to work remotely as needed. “We’re more productive now than we’ve ever been!”

Some employees were gifted the ability to teleport and can now attend meetings, conferences, and trade shows around the world, while others, like Kevin Gleason, resident SEO guru, was gifted the power to shape shift. Employees who directly report to him claim that it’s difficult to find him now, as he’s known to morph into Roger, the MOZ mascot.

Steve, another SEO Associate, has quickly become known as the office prankster. His invisibility allows him to prank unsuspecting co-workers. “When I’m not rearranging Brian’s POPS!, I’ll stand in on meetings to absorb information and grow my SEO skill set.”

Andy, a member of the paid search team, perhaps got the best deal of them all. “I’m able to tap into others abilities as I need them.” We won’t be surprised if Andy quickly climbs the ranks!

While our investigative teams are still looking into the cause of the incident, Kennedy sees nothing but possibility. But, if we’ve learned anything from the tales of superheroes, we know that with great power comes great responsibility.

When asked about future new hires, Mark is hopeful that there will be another algorithm update like this one. “The more meta-humans on my team, the better!”


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