SEOM Interactive has been working with Decorating Den franchisees since 2007. We’ve been with you through website redesigns, Google algorithm updates, and more. We understand that a day in the life of a franchise owner can be hectic, so we compiled these 10 tips for getting the most out of our relationship so that we can generate leads for your business.

1. Update “About Me” Page & Headshots 

The nature of your business involves going into someone’s home. You want potential clients to get to know you through your site so that they feel more comfortable picking up the phone to invite you in. All you need to do is send your bio and headshot to your account manager and we’ll get to work incorporating it into the site, both on your home page and your About Me page.

2. Send Pictures of Completed Projects to Add to the Portfolio

The portfolio page is typically the 2nd most visited page on Decorating Den franchisee websites. Your portfolio should showcase your work, demonstrating your range, and reflecting the architecture of the homes in your area. Send completed projects to your SEO account manager, and we can set up the portfolio to display before and after shots, or just the finished spaces. We’ll also use these photos throughout your website, such as your home page banner.

Don’t have your own pictures? That’s okay! We can use dream room pictures instead. Just let us know the file names of the photos you want to display on your website.

3. Request Reviews

Since as many as 97% of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase, so when you finish a project, be sure to request a review from your clients. We offer review generation services, but you can build reviews yourself simply by reaching out to past clients. Your account manager can send you a direct link to your Google My Business listing where your clients can leave reviews. If clients send testimonials directly to you, send them to your account manager and we’ll feature them on your website. 

4. Showcase Your Awards

An award is an endorsement for your business, so be sure to showcase your awards on your site. Send the files over to your account manager and we will get them added to the site for an instant boost of credibility. 

5. Increase Your PPC budget

The average cost per click for PPC ads has climbed over the years due to increasing competition. If you haven’t raised your budget in a while, it’s likely that you’re missing out on opportunities to drive quality traffic to your website. Raising your PPC budget results in an increase in traffic, which gives you the opportunity to convert more website visitors into leads. We currently request a minimum ad spend of $200/month; however, $300 is highly recommended. Ask your account manager for more details on the PPC opportunity in your region. 

6. Let Us Know When Your Business Information Changes

It’s important to maintain consistent business information across the internet, as this impacts your organic rankings and visibility. Make sure to let us know if your phone number, address, or any other business information changes. 

7. Implement Phone Tracking

Phone tracking allows us to report on calls you receive from search visitors, which in turn gives you a more accurate understanding of the leads you’re generating from search. If you’re not currently utilizing phone tracking, speak with your account manager for more information. 

8. Answer the Phone

We know spam calls can get annoying, but it’s very important to answer the phone in a professional manner. Any phone call could be a potential client. Through phone tracking we discovered that the majority of callers that reach a voicemail hang up without leaving a message. That means you’re potentially missing leads. 

9. Create Additional Pages

We know priorities change. Let us know if you’re focusing on new areas of the home, design styles, other services, or new locations. Did you know we have a virtual consultation page we can add to your site?

10. Schedule Recurring Phone Calls with Your Account Manager

Recurring calls with your account manager, whether it’s monthly or quarterly, helps build a successful partnership. Oftentimes topics come up that wouldn’t otherwise, leading to productive meetings that help further our marketing strategies. 

Are you making the most of your relationship with SEOM? Ask your account manager about our other services:

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