The Natural Dentist sells a non-irritating mouth rinse that treats bleeding gums and gingivitis. As part of our overall digital strategy, we run YouTube ads to generate awareness of the product and drive in-store sales. We initially ran TrueView Video Ads; but when Google released a new format called TrueView for Action, we made the switch.

TrueView for Action

TrueView for Action allows advertisers to add a call to action to the ad. The new format also has changes to layout and location. On mobile, the ads display below the video and remain there even after the video ended or the watcher skipped ahead. On desktop, the ads appear as an overlay on the video and has an accompanying ad displaying alongside the video player at the top of the recommendations column. Also this format includes an end screen that appears in the last seconds of the video that can be used to promote other videos, your playlists and external websites.

The Test

We used the same video creative, landing page, the same audience – Green Living Enthusiasts – and budget. The only difference was the ad format.

The main difference in the ad formats is the addition of the blue call to action box displayed in the lower right bottom of the ad. In the old format, the headline defaulted to the name of the channel and could not be edited. In the new format, the headline is editable as well as bolded. Additionally, the display url ( replaces the video’s view count.

The Difference

The new format’s improved call to action and control of message delivered very different results. Although the view rate decreased by nearly 50% and the cost per view increased by $0.02, the click thru rate increased by 16.67%, the cost per click decreased by $0.26, and the conversion rate increased by an impressive 48.67%.

In support of the goal to drive more shoppers in store to purchase the mouth rinse, the TrueView for Action format delivered stronger results. 




increase in CTR


decrease in CPC


increase in CVR

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