Company: Meyerson & O’Neill, a Philadelphia-based law firm, consists of a highly-qualified group of litigation attorneys with extensive trial experience in both civil law and criminal cases.

Requirements: Meyerson & O’Neill wanted their website to act as an effective sales and marketing tool that would convey their message, promote their services and represent the professionalism of the firm. They also wanted to increase online exposure to reach its target audience and gain market share in the highly-competitive vertical.

SEOM Solutions: Working closely with Meyerson & O’Neill, SEOM developed a strategy that ensured the company’s website was well-represented in the search engines:

–          Consulting on a New Web Design

–          Search Engine Optimized web pages (SEO)

–          Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

–          Search Engine Local Business Listing Submission (LBL)

Results: The new Meyerson & O’Neill web site,, has outperformed expectations. Not only was there an increase in leads and clients, but the variety of cases expanded as well. The firm can now attract and engage potential clients for a broad variety of law cases as a direct result of the new web site development combined with strong search engine marketing techniques.

Numbers don’t lie:

–          251% increase in new visitors in the first month.

–          24% increase in leads in the first month.

–          Signed up new client on day 2 of the campaign.

–          Received record number of leads and signed a record number of clients in the first month.

–          First page natural search engine ranking for major keywords, including “Litigation Law Firm” and “Wrongful Death Attorney(s) PA.”

–          First page Google for over 10,000 PPC keywords.

As the law firm’s search engine presence increased, the number of leads increased as well. The new lead generation was a direct result of accurately-targeted search campaigns and a web site designed to engage and retain visitors and encourage them to follow the appropriate calls to action.




251% increase in new visitors in the first month


24% increase in leads in the first month


First Page Google for OVER 10,000 PPC keywords

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