Due to the unprecedented conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became crucial in March 2020 that we adjust our Facebook marketing strategies to help our clients sustain the growth of their businesses.


Prior to the pandemic, our strategy for an interior decorator client was focused on bottom funnel lead generation. However, as things quickly progressed with COVID and guidelines strongly recommended limiting contact, potential clients became wary about hiring professional decorators to come into their homes. So rather than trying to generate direct leads for immediate projects, we pivoted to focus on page growth and local brand recognition.


Because users are spending more time at home and online, we allocated resources to increasing visibility and engagement on top performing posts, dividing the advertising budget to boost posts and promote events.

On a weekly basis, we evaluated the metrics on recent organic posts, identified the top performers, and then boosted them to users in our client’s high priority neighborhoods. 


As a result of these strategic boosts, we saw an increase in several key engagement metrics including likes, comments, and shares. We also saw a 42.9% leap in the client’s total page likes in July over a 3-month period.





increase in page likes

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