Excellent Exteriors is a leader in the residential and commercial washing industry. They boast a ‘soft wash method’ that provides a longer lasting clean on home exteriors. As their new website was in development, they still wanted to focus on generating leads. We recommended a targeted Facebook Ads campaign.


Over 6 weeks, we ran two campaigns, each targeting a different area of towns. The campaigns spent a combined $653.04.

Below is a preview of the creative that we used for both ads:

The video shows a 30 second clip of Excellent Exteriors power washing a house. Videos tend to be more eye-catching for Feed scrollers, and this video perfectly demonstrated what Excellent Exteriors can do.

We also highlighted a promotion – 10% off spring power washing.

To retrieve customer information, we built a simple yet effective lead generation form. When users click the ‘Get Quote’ button on the ad, they are shown the below form:

Lead Form Preview:

We avoided making the form too long, as more fields tend to deter some users from filling out the form. We required only important contact information (Name, Email, Phone Number) as well as location details (Address, City) that our client would need in order to reach out to schedule an estimate.


The video ad generated 22,000 total video plays, but more importantly, our client received 42 total leads. The average Cost Per Lead for this campaign was $15.55.

From a demographics perspective, we saw a noticeable skew towards men (79% of leads, or 33 total, came from male users). Most leads came from users in the 35-54 age ranges, but we did see a variety of age ranges converting.

As a result of this performance, the client is investing more budget into his Facebook campaign budget.





total leads


cost per lead

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