Company: EBE Talent is a full-service event planning, production and entertainment company providing dance bands, party DJs, elegant ensembles, lighting design, video production and interactive gaming services. They serve weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate and social events alike.

Requirements: EBE Talent sought to increase awareness of their services and expand the geographic area they served. Having been serving the Philadelphia region for years, EBE needed to generate leads in their expanded areas of New York, Delaware, Baltimore and New Jersey.

SEOM Solutions: After identifying EBE’s needs and goals, SEOM developed a highly-targeted pay per click (PPC) campaign for the surrounding areas. We customized each campaign for a geo-targeted area, and promoted the wide range of services the company offers through extensive keyword research.

Results: SEOM took over a campaign averaging 21 leads per month.  We increased traffic by 200 clicks within EBE’s existing budget, lowering their Cost Per Click (CPC) and generating 56 leads in the first month alone. Following the success of the online marketing campaign and the continued growth of EBE, the event planning company sought to expand into the new markets. SEOM penetrated other areas, adding 55 more leads per month with a similar budget for those areas.

SEOM lowered EBE’s Cost Per Lead (CPL) drastically in Philadelphia and applied the same CPL in the new markets.

A direct impact of the PPC campaigns, EBE has experienced increased search engine presence, increased traffic and increased leads. As the event planning company continues to grow, SEOM will continue to support their expansion efforts in generating new clients for their wide breadth of services.




Increased traffic by 200 clicks, while lowering their cost per click.


Generated 56 leads in the first month alone.

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