A lot more leads


This [report] looks great. We have noticed a lot more leads are coming to us via search engines. When we ask our client how they found us the majority of them do say the internet searches. Thanks for doing such a great job with our website and everything else you do for us. It’s really great!

LL Interiors December 11, 2018

Keep it up!


Whatever you are doing, keep it up!! No taking breaks, no sleeping, no eating, just keep working!!! Thanks for all you do!

Jeff, Vanguard Cleaning September 25, 2018

My only issue now is keeping up with the leads.


Just wanted to share with you all the complete turn around with our site since your involvement. Just in the last two weeks we have bid over 1,500,000 in proposals with extremely good leads. We have on average one lead a day from the “contact us” on the site. I have calls almost daily. My only issue now is keeping up with the leads.

Cathy, We Build Barns September 13, 2018

Shout out and a BIG WOW


Shout out and a BIG WOW to you because the floodgates are opening. I have had a huge surge of legitimate big leads in the last 2 weeks, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! I think this is going to be my 2nd best month ever! Thanks a million for your support and magic!

Kathy, Decorating Den Interiors September 4, 2018

Leads raising drastically


I trust you and your talents, and I DO see my leads raising drastically in the last few months even. I’m very happy with working with you and am quite relieved that I don’t have to take any more calls from Google 🙂

Rebekah, Decorating Den May 1, 2018

Best 1st Quarter I Ever Had


I saw a dramatic improvement in the number of leads since I went ahead with your recommendation of increasing the PPC spend budget and the addition of new web pages and services to my site in the 4th quarter of 2017. It resulted in me having the best first quarter I have ever had and I continue to see results. Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it.

Nancy Lucas, Decorating Den Interiors April 16, 2018

Just go with them.


Our flooring company has been a client of SEOM Interactive for about six years. We are part of a 150-location franchise and thanks to SEOM we attract more business from our Web site than most of the other franchisees. This company is a certified Google Partner. I recommend SEOM to everyone who is looking for a good SEO company. Their responsiveness is excellent. Just go with them.

Jim Fitzgerald, Floor Coverings International Cincinnati East March 26, 2018

On the money


I wanted to give you an update on my experience with Chris and SEOM. In short, he is fantastic. I couldn’t be happier. Chris has been ‘on the money’ in every situation. I just wanted you and Mark to know.

Gerald, CertaPro Painters February 22, 2018

Andy has really come through


Andy has really come through for me lately. All of the leads I have are because of him and his hard work. Also nice that he responds in timely manner.

You Need a TM October 6, 2017

Increases in our return on ad spend


I just want to say that I’m extremely happy with the work SEOM is doing for us. We’ve seen significant reductions in our Cost per Conversion and increases in our Return on Spend. Thank you for all the hard work!

Penn Jersey Paper October 5, 2017

One heck of a company


You have one heck of a company and really great people. Response times to just speaking with them are always excellent. More like friends than a business vendor.

Jim Kirlin, Decorating Den September 6, 2017

Your firm sets the bar


Your firm sets the bar for SEO service providers. You have been a pleasure to work with. I am a one man shop with little time. The content provided in your report makes you an appreciable member of my staff. Good job and thank you.

Rick, CertaPro Painters August 25, 2016

Couldn’t Be Happier


SEOM proved that web design and search engine marketing must go hand in hand if a company wants to increase traffic, market share, search engine presence, sales, and leads. We couldn’t be happier with the astounding results.

Jack Meyerson June 25, 2017

Effective & Extensive


The work has been both effective and extensive. I have watched our numbers continue to grow with each month on both the PPC and SEO side. Our drastically improved conversion rates say it all. SEOM has helped us obtain quality leads, whilst saving us a ton of money on the PPC side. Their extensive keyword research has helped us eliminate tens of thousands of dollars in wasted PPC costs.

Rebecca, Coco Key Water Resort June 6, 2014

You are awesome


You are awesome and we appreciate what you do! You make what WE do possible.

April, KinderWorks March 4, 2014