Stats, STAT!

In order to make the most of your website and your website marketing strategies, you have to know what people are doing when they visit your site.

You need information. You need stats. STAT!

By placing simple code on your website, we can track the who, the what, the where and the when.  We can tell you what navigation path users took, which site referred them, and what keyphrases they searched that drove them to your site. We can identify exit pages and analyze potential reasons that may be causing visitors to stop browsing your website.

Analytics is the foundation to building and optimizing a sound marketing strategy. Without it, you’re lost. We want you found.

SEOM Interactive takes website analytics one step further by offering call tracking analytics. We can identify referral sources for your website visitors who pick up the phone instead of filling out a form on your website.

If you would like to discuss, implement, or optimize your search engine marketing strategies, contact us at any time. We’d love to give you a free consultation. It’s time to Maximize your ROI on Every Click.