Considering a digital marketing internship or co-op with SEOM Interactive?
See what previous interns said about their experiences with us:

Kevin Stern, Temple University

I liked being able to get hands-on experience in the SEM industry and an opportunity to check out both SEO and PPC within varying opportunities. I also loved how accessible and helpful everyone on the team was! Everyone was so nice and treated me less like an intern and more like a regular full-time member. Everyone was very accessible, casual, and helpful at just about every opportunity.

The task I am most proud of would be keyword research and ad formation I did within the PPC team as it was a very good learning opportunity as I enter my next SEM role. I really enjoyed Lauren as my supervisor. She was incredibly helpful in getting me to the speed I wanted to be quickly and let me have a little more independence within my work which made me feel trusted with all the tasks that were given to me. Of course, she was still there to answer any questions if needed. Really great time and couldn’t have asked for better support!

Would you recommend an internship with SEOM? Definitely, this is definitely a great place for college students to get some solid work experience under their belt if they have an interest in SEM or digital marketing. Being a smaller agency is extremely valuable for those seeking internships as they will get much more important and meaningful tasks and have deeper learning opportunities.


Lauren Farley, Temple University

From day one I felt valued at SEOM. I was given a tour, introduced to all employees, and told exactly what their expectations were so I was never blindsided. The best part about the internship was being able to work in different departments. When I started, I worked on the SEO side and eventually was switched to the PR/content side, which gave me more experience and the ability to see the different roles at play.

SEOM is a small company, and having such a tight-knit community allows me to really network and grow. SEOM gave me a solid foundation for my career, and the experiences from this company will follow me forever.

Many people say “internships are about experience, not money,” but at SEOM they are about both. You learn and gain experience, but are paid for your efforts. SEOM also gives free catered lunches, a gift card for gas once a month, a stocked kitchen with snacks (and coffee). What more could you want?!


Rich Nguyen-Than, Drexel University

I am so grateful for the experience I have had here. My assignments were never menial tasks that would be repeated every single day. Instead, the tasks were meaningful and different, from finding tags and citations that would help improve search rankings, to listening in on a client call, or editing web pages to meet a client’s goal. The work I have done has given me a taste of the digital marketing world. 

What really makes SEOM different is the environment. It is very laid-back, but no one slacks off. Everyone looks out for each other and is willing to help to make sure you succeed. Most importantly, you are not seen as just an intern, but as a member of the SEOM family.


Cassidy Perry, La Salle University

Since my first day of interning at SEOM, each employee has shown their eagerness to help and assure that I gain valuable educational experience here. I have been assigned a wide variety of work from the SEO department that has expanded my digital marketing skills tremendously. By using tools such as WordPress, Google Analytics or Data Studio, I have learned their importance and how they are used to produce and measure results for clients.

Interns are treated just like employees. We are held accountable for all of our work, given deadlines just like regular employees, and are also given important feedback to help us learn and grow. Our work here never goes unrecognized. SEOM is a fantastic place to work because of the people, different tasks, and the work culture that embodies this company.



SEOM pic

Jarod M., Penn State University

On my first day in the office I figured out that each and every member of the company is eager to help others, which made interning with SEOM a very educational experience. Questions are encouraged, even by the company’s incredible founder and CEO, Mark.

Interns are given similar work as that of full-time employees related to SEO and the Digital Marketing industry. The environment is laid-back, and there’s free lunch every day.

An internship with SEOM is definitely what you make of it, and the people that work there are happy to help you make it great.



Duncan B., Drexel University


The environment at SEOM is by far the best I have encountered. The small size of the company coupled with the very comfortable work space makes for an enjoyable and relaxed environment. It is like a big family here with plenty of laughs and a general positive attitude. Everyone is very approachable, especially my bosses, which makes me feel comfortable asking questions and leads to me learning more.

I get bored doing the same thing over and over. This is not an issue at SEOM. I am constantly changing tasks and have a few completely different projects I can jump between. This makes all the difference when it comes to staying focused. The daily free catered lunches and a kitchen stocked with more snacks and beverages than one could want are very nice bonuses. Another great benefit is the ability to set my own hours.

I have learned a lot here. The bulk of my work is creating and editing web pages for our clients using either WordPress or a custom CMS for a website. Other projects include: adding negative keywords to paid search campaigns, creating local resource sections on websites, listening to client phone calls, gathering data from Google Analytics and other SEO tools online.

In addition to these projects, I am constantly learning new things here. I am included on weekly meetings where I learn many tricks of the trade and new SEO practices. The owner of the company goes out of his way to explain why he is having me do a certain task and how it benefits the company, which gives meaning to the work I am doing and creates a feeling of responsibility not usually felt by someone in an intern position.

Above all, I feel that I am treated more like an employee than an intern here at SEOM.


Seamus M., Drexel University

Headshot_SMSEOM Interactive was my third and final co-op, and from the start I knew it had the potential to be something great. On day 1, I knew next to nothing about SEO. By the end of my co-op, I realized there was still a lot for me to learn, but that’s the nature of the business: it’s constantly changing.

I accepted a full-time position upon graduating from Drexel, and watched the company blossom from 7 to 25 people. The people that you’ll work for and with are awesome, and more than anything, they value you as a person if you’re committed to learning and getting the job done. If you want a co-op that sets you up for success, SEOM is a fantastic place to be.


1770230Angel L., Holy Family University

I worked at SEOM Interactive as a content intern during my spring semester before I graduated from Holy Family University with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. I learned about a wide array of clients from various industries, and how to write SEO-optimized content that would bring traffic to websites.

Unlike many other college internships, I was actually paid for my work, which made it all the more rewarding. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work for such an amazing company.




Anthony G., La Salle University

For my third internship, I worked for SEOM Interactive as the Public Relations intern for almost a year and I could not have asked for a better internship experience. Even though I was labeled the PR intern, I was by no means limited to just PR. I got to evolve my preexisting public relations skills while also exploring various fields like content writing, as well as learn a bit about SEO and PPC.

Being able to work with clients in different markets was such a rewarding experience, especially because I could come in every day almost guaranteeing that I would be doing something completely different than I was the day before, which is hard to come by in an internship.

The best part was feeling like I was valued as a full-time employee and not just an intern whose voice was unheard and unimportant. Of course, being paid and eating great, free lunches helped!

The team at SEOM is unique, to say the least. They are the most welcoming group I have ever come across. Everyone’s door was open and they were always willing to help me out even if I didn’t regularly talk to them.

Sarah SongYii Chun, Drexel University

SEOM Interactive was my very first internship. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to start my internship remotely and each one of employees showed eagerness to help me. I felt comfortable reaching out to the team with any questions and they were happy to teach me. I was taught many different tools that grew my interest in digital marketing even more. I even felt encouraged throughout my time at SEOM with the supportive team. I am so thankful for the people I met and the amazing opportunity at SEOM.