Tiffany’s Bakery is a small business located in Center City Philadelphia. A founding tenant of The Gallery at Market East, Tiffany’s Bakery has been open since 1977. The brand has a great reputation amongst long-time Philadelphia residents.

The owners of Tiffany’s Bakery created a Facebook Page for their business in 2011. Between 2011 and 2o13, the page was managed in-house. Over time, Facebook began consuming more time and effort than the owners could devote, so they decided to hire an agency to manage their Business Page. Unhappy with the results they were seeing with their previous agency, Tiffany’s Bakery signed on for SEOM Interactive’s Social Media Services in October of 2014.

For this case study, we completed a year over year analysis of the Tiffany’s Bakery Facebook Page. We compared the strategy and results of the previous agency’s Facebook campaign to the strategy and results of the campaign employed by SEOM Interactive.


Profile Aesthetics

Below is the Facebook Page header created by the previous agency. A portion of the Tiffany’s Bakery logo is hidden beneath the “Message” button. As you can see, it’s important to be mindful of Facebook’s Page layout when designing graphics.


In contrast, our designs were mindful of Facebook’s layout, they were high-res, and they were simple and clean. Altogether, this led to a more modern and professional Facebook page:


Content Strategy

Below is a pie chart breaking down the types of posts being made to the Tiffany’s Facebook page under the direction of the previous agency. As you can see, (text-only) status updates were the most common post type:

While status updates may be a part of an effective Facebook campaign, it is important that the majority of content includes high quality imagery, and links directing Facebook traffic to a desired landing page.

In comparison, we took a photo-centric approach; pairing our compelling ad copy with high quality imagery to create the best possible posts:

Goal Driven Social Media:

We at SEOM Interactive understand that Social Media benchmarks such as “reach” and “engagement” are only meaningful if the content supports your Business Goals. It doesn’t matter how much content is shared, if the content doesn’t directly or indirectly support a specific goal of your business or brand, then that social strategy is not working.

Goal: Brand Awareness

Philadelphians love their sports teams. It’s a fact. So when we heard that our client baked a birthday cake for a Philadelphia 76ers rookie, we saw it as a perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness through Facebook.

We created a Facebook post including the photo, and boosted it with a $20 budget, targeting Philadelphia 76ers fans located in Philadelphia, PA. With this small budget, we reached 3,289 potential customers with an image connecting their favorite team to our client’s brand. The post generated 237 Likes, Comments, and Shares. This puts its engagement rate at a strong 7.2%.

The most successful social media posts are the ones that create an emotional connection with the targeted user. The 76ers cake was a larger-scale example of this kind of connection. On a smaller scale, we used organic posts with an emotional appeal to help increase sign-ups for the Tiffany’s Bakery Birthday Club.


Goal: Grow E-mail Lists

We began by posting a status asking the client’s followers about their birthday cake preferences. 15 followers responded, naming their favorites and recalling birthdays from years past. Now that the followers were engaged on an emotional level, we followed up by suggesting they sign up for the Tiffany’s Bakery Birthday Club. Since we presented the Birthday Club in an indirect way, the post did not come across as overly self-promotional, and followers were actually grateful, specifically thanking us for the suggestion.

Goal: Promoting Events

SEOM Interactive’s knowledge of Facebook ads will stretch the effectiveness and efficiency of the client’s budget, large or small.

For example, Tiffany’s Bakery moved to a new storefront within The Gallery at Market East in June of 2015. This was a major change, and the client wanted to spread the word about their Grand Opening Event. We used the opportunity to boost a post on the client’s Facebook Page, targeting only the users who were most likely to attend the event.

The post resulted in hundreds of likes, and 16 positive comments from gracious locals. We made sure to follow up to the comment activity, expressing our thanks and providing followers with even more information about the event. These one-on-one interactions are one of the most powerful tools in the social media toolkit, as they create positive brand experiences with potential consumers. Having a conversation with a potential customer is far more impactful than than simply confronting them with an ad message.

Let’s compare results:

Now that we’ve demonstrated our improvements to strategy, we’re going to take a look at the numbers and see if our changes led to results in the analytics. We considered (1) Page Likes, (2) Reach and Engagement, and (3) traffic sent to the client’s web site.

Page Likes

Page Likes are an important metric for a simple reason; more Page Likes = more Organic Reach. Even great content is useless if it falls on deaf ears (i.e. a page with fewer than a hundred followers). In order to increase visibility on the Facebook platform, it is important to grow these Likes over time.

Before SEOM

After SEOM

As you can see, in the first year that SEOM Interactive managed the Page, we were able to quadruple the New Fans from the previous year (a total of 1,633, from 398). This brought the Total Page Likes to 2,651 (more than doubling the 1,120 existing fans that followed the page when we began management). It’s important to note that this was done organically. We never ran a Facebook Likes Ad.

Post Reach and Engagement

Post Reach describes the total number of times a Page’s content is displayed in the news feed of a Facebook user. Engagement Rate refers to percentage of users who interact with that content.

Reach is important because the higher the reach, the wider the digital net, so to speak. But Engagement Rate is a much more telling barometer for quality of content. If the content is good, engagement rates will be high. If content is bad, engagement rates will be low.

SEOM Interactive more than tripled the total Reach of the Tiffany’s Bakery Facebook Page, compared to the previous year. This exponential increase in Reach signifies a strategic success in its own rite. However, the other two metrics are even more important. The “People Talking About This” (i.e. “Buzz”) was increased nearly 5-fold. And the overall engagement rate (which was already at a strong 5%), increased to a VERY strong 7%.

The Takeaway:

Significant Improvements to All Important Metrics

Simply put, SEOM Interactive’s Social Media Services improved every important metric on the Tiffany’s Bakery Facebook page. Not only did we save the client time and effort, but we also provided tangible value and support for their business.

Facebook is a dynamic platform with tools to serve the needs of almost every industry. If you’re interested in learning how SEOM Interactive’s Social Media strategies can help your business, contact us here.




Quadruple the amount of new fans, from 398.

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