In 2015, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a study that highlighted the dangers of furniture tipping accidents involving children. In response to the startling number of incidents that occur each year, our client, Lauter’s Fine Furniture, believed it was important to share their knowledge and statistics about furniture tipping accidents.


Lauter’s is more than just a furniture retailer; they’re furniture experts. We took this opportunity to establish them as advocates for their customers’ safety by creating a furniture accident prevention resource.


SEOM Interactive created an infographic with data collected from, CPSC, CBS News, and Metro Parent, which shared facts, statistics, types of injuries and prevention awareness on furniture tipping.

Once the infographic was designed, we needed a plan to share it and engage consumers. First, we posted the infographic on the Lauter’s website. Next, we developed a pitch that highlighted the most startling statistics so the media and mom bloggers would be encouraged to share the infographic with their audiences.


By presenting information in an easy-to-digest infographic in response to the original CPSC study, we created a valuable resource that other publications could leverage.

Holistic Parenting Magazine shared the infographic on their Facebook page with a link back to the Lauter’s page. Their Facebook following at the time of the share was close to 35,000 likes.

Mom Blog Society, a popular parenting resource website, shared the infographic with their readers. This site gets over 250,000 unique views per month and has a demographic of mainly women ages 25-63 from the US, Canada and the UK.

Unfortunately, furniture tipping accidents continue to occur, which makes our infographic a piece of evergreen content. So a year later, when Ikea issued a huge recall following numerous fatal accidents, we re-pitched this same infographic as a resource to publications that were already covering the news.

Through this effort, the infographic was picked up by Furniture Today and shared with their readers- 185,000 unique visitors per month. Not only did their post about the infographic link back to the Lauter’s website, they also shared the infographic on their Twitter account to their over 27,000 followers.

By creating this resource, we were able to gain coverage for Lauter’s, increase visibility to their website, and prove that they are more than a furniture retailer, they care about their community.


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