When you look at a client’s keywords, you can tell how competitive and saturated their industry is based on the keyword data, volume, and difficulty. In this instance, we were working with a client that offers professional development training courses to those looking to advance their careers. This industry is very competitive from an SEO standpoint, so ranking for broad keywords requires a well-devised strategy and execution. 

Our client’s goal was to outperform their competitors and increase their search rankings in order to drive more quality conversions. Learn more about the strategies we implemented to help them meet these metrics. 


After a thorough keyword analysis, we identified that this client was ranking low on the first page of Google for their long-tail keywords. Therefore, we decided to target high-level keywords, like project management classes, since they weren’t ranking in the top 100 for those terms. After an initial month of work, they jumped up at least 53 spots in the search results, coming in at spot 47.

The time it takes to rank on the first page of Google for these high-level keywords is a gradual build. Our client was happy with this breakthrough and wanted to shift the focus to the long-tail keywords they were already ranking for with the goal of climbing the rankings from the bottom of page one to the number one spot. 


Our strategy focused on four metro areas where our client saw the most conversions— Seattle, Boston, Chicago, and Denver. We implemented a very specific link building strategy using anchor text that matched our long-tail keywords.

Additionally, we optimized the site’s title tags, improving and prioritizing their placement. We were also able to secure guest posts on behalf of the client, which included links back to their site. 


In only three months, our client was ranking in the first through third spotson Google for every keyword we targeted in these metros:

Not only did the keyword rankings increase, but the site’s visibility grew by over 50% in that short period: 

With a hyper focused link building strategy coupled with strong on-site SEO tactics, we were able to increase the client’s search visibility and get their desired keywords that coveted number one spot on Google.


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