Company: JJS Coaching, a private business coaching company, consults with business owners to help them attract clients, grow their businesses, and generate revenue.

Requirements: For JJS Coaching, the key to generating leads is having a list of people to market to.

: Increase number of eNewsletter opt-ins.

SEOM Solutions: SEOM recommended a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign for generating leads. We drove users searching for terms like, “get clients,” “get customers,” and “get more business,” and drove them to a landing page that offered a free informational download: “What You Need to Know to Be Successful at Getting Clients.” Users must enter their email addresses to download this free eBook, thus opting them into JJS’s distribution list.

Results: Over the past year, JJS Coaching has driven targeted traffic through to the landing page, and nearly 17% of click throughs have signed up to download the free report. JJS then sends monthly eNewsletters to these email list members, ensuring that JJS gets in front of potential clients on a regular basis.

PPC is critical to the list building process, as it generates leads for JJS in 2 ways:

  1. User reads the free eBook and immediately picks up the phone and requests business coaching from JJS Coaching.This is the ideal scenario and represents the fastest return on JJS Coaching’s PPC investment.
  2. User reads the free eBook, but isn’t in the market for business coaching services right now. User receives monthly tips from JJS Coaching and months down the line, picks up the phone to request additional business coaching from JJS.This is the most common scenario. When business owners search “get more business,” they may only be in the research phase. Eventually, when business owners want to implement a strategy to generating more business, JJS Coaching is at the forefront of their minds. After all, who better to seek private coaching from than the very company that has been sending along monthly business-building materials.

For a minimal cost, JJS Coaching generates many qualified leads per month by targeting them early in the sales lifecycle and staying in touch.





Nearly 17% of click throughs have signed up to download the free report!

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