Background: Triumph Building Group is a full service custom home builder. Their three experienced partners each have over 20 years of real estate, home buying, and home building expertise. Triumph Building Group helps families build the homes of their dreams.

Triumph Building Group created an Instagram account in December of 2016 but never used it. In this case study, we will examine the results of an Instagram strategy from May through October that expanded their reach and helped increase their follower count.


Triumph’s Instagram page started off with 2 followers and no content. Since we were essentially starting from scratch, the first step was to add company details, contact information, and some content.

We added a ‘Home Improvement’ company designation, a short description of the services, and the hashtag #customhomebuilder. The hashtag addition allows users who follow that specific hashtag to find Triumph’s Instagram account while they are browsing. We also included the website link and office address for easy access to additional information. Finally, the ‘Call’, ‘Email’ and ‘Directions’ buttons were all utilized, which gives Instagram users easy access to contact information.

We then shared our first posts, which featured images of one of Triumph’s properties:

Audience-Building Content Strategy

With the account basics covered, we needed to add more content that would interest our prospective audience. For our organic strategy, we pulled the same posts from our Facebook content strategy and used them on Instagram. We tweaked the wording and including hashtags to reach different audiences. Using more than one hashtag gives us the opportunity to reach different groups of users who follow those hashtags for the content. This content is always visible from the Instagram account.

These posts are all organic and give profile visitors an in-depth look at what Triumph Building Group is known for: the creation of beautiful custom homes. We featured different aspects of homes, ranging from full exterior shots to walk-throughs of different rooms and more specific custom details. We also highlighted available lots and provided updates on homes under construction.

On the paid side, we ran boosted content on Facebook that we also sent to Instagram. Boosts from Facebook are a simplified Paid ads strategy, with targeting options that show content to an audience outside of a page’s current following. These posts appear as ‘Sponsored Content’ and do not show up on the Instagram profile, but are shown in the feeds of targeted Instagram users.

General targeting specifications included age range and gender, while more detailed targeting incorporated specific interests and hobbies. Additionally, we narrowed down the geotargeting to nearby regions, where people were likely to engage with content from a local business like Triumph Building Group. Since these posts reach a larger audience (outside of the users following the account), they received more likes and engagements, and were large contributors to the increase in following.


Looking at the results from this Instagram strategy, it is clear that small to medium sized local business can benefit extensively from a modest budget. By utilizing Instagram both organically and in conjunction with paid Facebook strategies, SEOM grew Triumph Building Group’s Instagram account from 2 followers to 123 followers in October – a 119% increase.




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