Sometimes the keyword you think is your bread and butter might actually be your burnt toast.

If you sell a niche product in a specific industry, the broad industry keyword may have high volume, but low conversion rates; therefore, an inefficient ROI.

Company: Davek NY sells high-end designer umbrellas. Davek NY came to us with their in-house PPC campaign, which drove a ton of traffic but little to no sales. High spend + no conversions = poor return on investment.

Requirement: Improve ROI

SEOM Solutions: We typically look at setting structure and negative keywords when analyzing someone else’s PPC campaign; however, in Davek’s case, the keyword selection was the problem.

Sometimes, less is more. While “umbrellas” drove a lot of traffic to the website, the traffic was of low-quality. We don’t want people looking to buy a $10 umbrella to click on Davek’s PPC ads. Davek’s umbrellas are high quality, wind-proof and guaranteed for life. K-Mart umbrellas are not.

We restructured the campaign to target keywords specific to Davek’s niche, including “designer umbrellas” and “doorman umbrellas.”

Results: SEOM Interactive decreased traffic, decreased ad spend, but most importantly, we increased Davek’s ROI.

Volume is not the goal. Driving qualified leads is.




Increase in new visitors in the first month while working with us.


Increase in leads in the first month of the campaign.


Days into the campaign Davek signed up new clients.


PPC keywords landed them on the first page Google.

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