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You can call him the “Kosher Kevin Bacon”, the “Mike-of-all-trades”, Mike, Michael, or even Saks – but don’t call him late for dinner. Michael has seen and done it all, including working for Disney in college, the Philadelphia Eagles on event days, and seeing hundreds of concerts at the Tweeter — err — E-Center — err- Susquehanna Bank Center — BB&T Pavilion — Waterfront Music Pavilion — Freedom Mortgage Pavilion.

He graduated Temple University in the Fall of 2007 with a degree in Psychology and Advertising. He then got his Masters in Education from Holy Family University in 2016 and worked in the education field for about five and a half years. His passion for social media and spreading positive information goes way back to the beginning of Facebook and MySpace. When asked about the best part about social media, Michael likes that “it’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’, so you’re able to get in touch with the right people using the right platform.”

He’s great at Quizzo, loves all Philly sports and Broadway, and found a passion for running during the pandemic, including running his 11th Broad Street Run, five half marathons, and has had a running streak of over 600 days – in the rain, snow, hot, cold, and everything in between (which makes him more reliable than the Postal Service).

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