After running a number of video ad campaigns for an ecommerce client, we noticed that while our view rate was strong (nearly 33%), we didn’t see these views translate to sales. Sure, these video ads were great for branding, but at SEOM, we strive for results. Read on to discover how conversion rates skyrocketed.

What is TrueView for Shopping?

You know those videos you have to sit through (or wait for the “Skip” button to appear) before you get to your desired video content?  That’s TrueView in-stream. TrueView for Shopping kicks this up a notch by allowing the advertiser to pull in desired products from their Merchant Center. So while the video is playing, we can showcase the products related to the video, including the price and link to that product page.



We took our most successful TrueView video campaign and duplicated the targeting and the creative, so the only difference between the TrueView for Shopping campaign and our original was incorporating the product that was showcased in the video – a pair of running shorts.




Increase in new visitors in the first month while working with us.


Increase in leads in the first month of the campaign.


Days into the campaign Davek signed up new clients.


PPC keywords landed them on the first page Google .

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